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Difference between Free and Premium account.

The Pedigree Study Group Database has two types of accounts: Premium and Free.
Free Account comes with basic PSGDB features. Premium Account comes with advanced features and tools.

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Get your Premium account

You can get your premium account by signing up for your annual subscription for 2021.
CLICK HERE and make a donation of at least $55 (US) to the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation for health research.
You will have a PREMIUM account for one year from the date of your donation.

Use the drop-down box to indicate it is in honor of the PWD PSG.
They will notify us of your donation and we will activate your account.

Be watching for an email from pwdinfo with your account information.

Account Features

The following table dispays the difference between Free and Premium account.

Available Database Information
    Dog Siblings
    Dog Offspring
    Database Statistics
Database Functions
    List and Filter dogs by name
    List and Filter dogs with photo
    List and Filter litters
    View photos
    Submit dog information
    Submit photos
    Submit documents
    request modification
    Download Database