American & Canadian Champion
Cartmel The Bismark
reg nr.: AKC WP692146/01
DOB: March 8, 1994
Black - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good EL:212T
OptiGen prcd-PRA: A1
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: N95
JDCM-cardio: not tested
EYES: PW1884/1999-68
Frozen semen available:
Pat Jones - England

 Porão Do Vale Negro Cacau Do Vale Negro Maré Do Vale Negro Macuti
 Escama Do Vale Negro
 Margarida Do Zoo De Lisboa Macuti
 Lira De Azambuja
 Galera Do Vale Negro Macuti Yóle de Alvalade
 Agapanta (AD)
 Areia Baluarte De Alvalade
 Sandy¹ (AD)
 Marinha Do Vale Negro Maré Do Vale Negro Macuti Yóle de Alvalade
 Agapanta (AD)
 Escama Do Vale Negro Baluarte De Alvalade
 Hortense Do Zoo De Lisboa Macuti Yóle de Alvalade
 Agapanta (AD)
 Lira De Azambuja Humberto De Alvalade
 Falésia De Azambuja

Wonderful type. Exceptional head, and bone. RWD at 1996 National Specialty in USA. Mark has a great temperament and produces puppies with great working and water drive.He is now neutered but limited frozen semen is available to approved bitches.


Barbara Miller Floch
29 Rembrandt Dr
L3M 5A1 Grimsby, Ontario - Canada

phone: 905-309-9002
website: Cosmos PWDs

    Aliana's Ado Benjamin
    Aliana's Bica Com Espuma
    Aliana's Brisa Del Aqua
    Aliana's Captain Hudson
    Aliana's Captain Quincey
    Aliana's Captain Reginald
    Aliana's Chico Do Ronda
    Aliana's Chocolate Beijo
    Aliana's Daisy Do Mar
    Aliana's Diego De Cortes
    Aliana's Dona De Beleza
    Aliana's Emiril Domino
    Aliana's Esprit At Cosmos
    Aliana's Exclamation Mark
    Aliana's Fish N Ships O Cosmos
    Aliana's Gibson Menina
    Aliana's Harley Quinn
    Aliana's Hope For Everspring
    Aliana's Jamaica Maddy
    Aliana's Jazz A Belle
    Aliana's Leila Estrela Do Mar
    Aliana's Magia Zeus Do Mar
    Aliana's Maranheiro Calvin
    Aliana's Maranheiro Charley
    Aliana's Maranheiro Lucas
    Aliana's Marinheiro Cole
    Aliana's Marinheiro Jazz
    Aliana's Marinheiro Leo
    Aliana's Marinheiro Madison
    Aliana's Marinheiro Porter
    Aliana's Marinheiro Satchel
    Aliana's Marinheiro Tagus
    Aliana's Mozart's Speedo
    Aliana's Noah Nas Nevens
    Aliana's Noah's Ark Angel
    Aliana's Oreo Bolinno
    Aliana's Pequeno Diabo
    Aliana's Pescador Gomez
    Aliana's Pingo De Agua
    Aliana's Piper My Love
    Aliana's Pirata Chase
    Aliana's Pouco Cascata Cleo
    Aliana's Preciosa Poca
    Aliana's Preto Java
    Aliana's Querida Bonita
    Aliana's Querida Chelsey
    Aliana's Querida Emmie
    Aliana's Querida Joia
    Aliana's Querida Madeira
    Aliana's Querida Saffron
    Aliana's Rapido Pinto Libby
    Aliana's Rosie
    Aliana's Sereia Lexus
    Aliana's Sereia Nevada
    Aliana's Sereia Phoebe
    Aliana's Sir Winston Churchill
    Aliana's Theodore Bearington
    Aliana's Tiller Galleria March
    Aliana's Tsunomi Anjo
    Aliana's Vistisa Querida Lexus
    Aliana's Zaachaeus Lobo Damar
    Aquamarine Aloha Kai Azure Sky
    Aquamarine Silver Morning
    Armadas Victorious Return
    Bantry's Brown Mystery
    Bantry's Flying Cloud
    Bantry's Island Bird
    Bantry's Island Blossom
    Bantry's Jay Dee Raler
    Bantry's Magic Cande
    Bantry's Magic Of The Bay
    Bantry's Noddy Of The Chesapeake
    Bantry's Spirit Of Wye Town
    Bantry's Tenacious Wench
    Bridonports Aqua Velva Man
    Bridonports Brookemark Rosie
    Bridonports Chelsea On Board
    Bridonports Doin A Reign Dance
    Bridonports La Dona Madeira
    Bridonports Rio Grandee
    Bridonports Rio Palhacao
    Bridonports Tagus To Tyler
    Bridonports West Coast Keefer
    Cnsand Cosmos Aquaholic
    Cnsand Cosmos Big Splash
    Cnsand Cosmos Little Splash
    Cnsand Cosmos Net Minder
    Cnsand Cosmos Poetryin Ocean
    Cnsand Cosmos Riptide
    Cnsand Cosmos Seadawg Sam
    Cnsand WP79131506
    Cosmos Almost An Angel
    Cosmos Aqua By Mark
    Cosmos Ashes By Mark
    Cosmos Benjamin By Mark
    Cosmos Bonita On The Rouge
    Cosmos Buster Not Brown
    Cosmos By Design
    Cosmos Cacao
    Cosmos Casey's On The Mark
    Cosmos Ceilidh By Mark
    Cosmos Coal Arrow
    Cosmos Coco Chanel
    Cosmos Colby
    Cosmos Devil's Beauregard
    Cosmos Dior
    Cosmos Emma By Mark
    Cosmos Hamish
    Cosmos Heavenly Angel
    Cosmos I Love Lucy
    Cosmos Kramer
    Cosmos Looks Like An Angel
    Cosmos Louie
    Cosmos Mark Of An Angel
    Cosmos Mark Of Imari
    Cosmos Mark On The Wind
    Cosmos Max By Mark
    Cosmos Navigante De Via Lactea
    Cosmos On Your Mark
    Cosmos Question Mark
    Cosmos Sirius Over Cnsand
    Cosmos Stardust Over C.N. Sand
    Cosmos Talula Mae By Mark
    Cosmos Webber
    Cutwater Bright Lights
    Cutwater City Lights
    Cutwater Cole And Porter
    Cutwater Fame And Fortune
    Cutwater Flying Cloud
    Cutwater Fun And Games II
    Cutwater Harbor Lights
    Cutwater High Light
    Cutwater Lizzy Lights
    Cutwater Nice And Easy
    Cutwater Rise And Shine
    Cutwater Seawitch
    Cutwater Silver And Gold
    Cutwater Spark Of The Ocean
    Cutwater Spot Light
    Cutwater Top Hat And Tails
    Cutwater Tread The Wild Wave
    Cutwater WP77560705
    Cutwater WP86437301
    Cutwater WP86437302
    Cutwater WP86437303
    Cutwater WP86437304
    Everspring Then There Was Won
    Ferncliff Amelia
    Ferncliff Big Sea Mystery
    Ferncliff Goforthe Gusto
    Ferncliff Incorrigible
    Ferncliff Lisboa Port Of Klein
    Ferncliff Midnight Express
    Ferncliff Scotch On The Rocks
    Ferncliff Waterbound Sprite
    Ferncliff WP91770202
    Ferncliff's Mad Hatter
    Grayridge Cherokee Sassy Eagle
    Grayridge Drive For Show
    Grayridge Fairways
    Grayridge King Cobra
    Grayridge Medley Stableford
    Grayridge Mulligan
    Grayridge Tee Time
    Grayridge Tiger
    Grayridge Titleist
    Helm' Alee Gustavo
    Helm's Alee Afternoon Delight
    Helm's Alee Aspen Summer
    Helm's Alee Chanteyman
    Helm's Alee Piper Aboard At Cosmos
    Helm's Alee Summer Samba
    Helm's Alee Summer Sunbeam
    Helms Alee Along The Dock At Cosmos
    Riverrun Jambalaya Cayenne
    Riverrun Jasper
    Riverrun Jewels Aja Blue
    Riverrun Jump N Jiggle
    Riverrun Just A Bit If Spice
    Riverrun Just Dew It
    Solari's Beanerschnitzel
    Solaris Boomerang
    Solaris Coco Chanel
    Solaris Enticing
    Solaris Que Sera Sera
    Solaris' Rovin Peppermint Patty
    Swampdock WS12166919
    Swampdock's African Sky
    Swampdock's Medicine Man
    Swampdock's Polar Express
    Swampdock's Raise The Bar
    Swampdock's Tego
    Swampdock's Two Thumbs Up
    Swampdock's Wing And A Prayer
    Swampoock's Dangerous When Wet
    Tesouro's C U At The Top
    Tesouro's C Willow Win
    Tesouro's Can I B First
    Tesouro's Crystal Gabrielle
    Tesouro's Cute Molly Ohio
    Tesouro's Elegant Ebony Poppy
    Tesouro's Merry Weather
    Tesouro's Prince Of Thunder
    Tesouro's Seaenna Mist
    Tesouro's Shanni Of Sylvania
    Trudis Dollarton Diver
    Trudis Jewel of the Sea
    Trudis Megarana Del Costa
    Trudis Rupert Of Bismark
    Victorius Return

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