Gorila do Vale Negro
reg nr.: S-11020/96
DOB: October 01, 1994
Black - wavy
health stats:
Hips: Cleared (before Sweden used FCI scale= A or B)
OptiGen prcd-PRA: B1
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: not tested
JDCM-cardio: not tested
EYES: Clear 19 August 2005
Frozen semen available:
Carla Molinari - Portugal

 Porăo Do Vale Negro Cacau Do Vale Negro Maré Do Vale Negro Macuti
 Escama Do Vale Negro
 Margarida Do Zoo De Lisboa Macuti
 Lira De Azambuja
 Galera Do Vale Negro Macuti Yóle de Alvalade
 Agapanta (AD)
 Areia Baluarte De Alvalade
 Sandyš (AD)
 Ruca Imperial Do Condinho Woodchuck Do Condinho
 Minx Do Condinho
 Josefina De Azambuja At Glenwhin Ruby (AD)
 Falésia De Azambuja
 Bolota Do Vale Negro Juba Do Vale Negro Cherna Reliant
 Margarida Do Zoo De Lisboa Macuti
 Lira De Azambuja

Proven top producer. Still going strong at age 11,
Filip throws excellent type, good bone, correct bites, working drive and strong hips. Carries brown.


Louise Lindstén
Sörhagen 610
S-44693 Skepplanda - Sweden

mail: portietime@spray.se

    Lacustrine Anchor-Aweigh
    Lacustrine Demi-Tasse
    Lacustrine Groovin'-High
    Lacustrine Rhythm-A-Ning
    Lacustrine Smooth-Sailing
    Lacustrine Stern-Chase
    Lacustrine Summer-Samba
    Lacustrine TT-On-Toast
    Porto Lions Pinto
    Porto Lions Saga
    Porto Lions Tango
    Porto Lions Tea
    Porto Lions Teo
    Porto Lions Tequila
    Porto Lions Tossie
    Porto Lions Triton
    Porto Lions Turbo
    Porto Lions Tyson
    Rödtop Rachel Port Au Princess
    Rödtop Raindear Port Au Princess
    Rödtop Raya Port Au Princess
    Rödtop Regina Port Au Princess
    Rödtop Rio Port Au Prince
    Rödtop Roberto Port Au Prince
    Rödtop Robin Port Au Prince
    Rödtop Roderic Port Au Prince
    Rödtop Roderigo Port Au Prince
    Rödtop Ronda Port Au Princess
    Steamwater's Sensation No One
    Steamwater's Simply The Best
    Steamwater's Specific Showman
    Steamwater's Spirit Away
    Steamwater's Starwalker
    Steamwater's Sting Ray Sally
    Steamwater's Sweet Spirit

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