American, Canadian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Nordic & Int. CH
Rough Seas Ready Helm´s Alee
reg nr.: S-60815/2004
DOB: March 29, 1998
Brown & White - curly
health stats:
Hips: OFA Excellent
OptiGen prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear by parents
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: AP
JDCM-cardio: not tested
EYES: Clear 16 June 2005
Frozen semen available:
Steven Bean, Lou A. Guthrie & Dr. Linda M. Fowler - USA

 Roughrider's Just Add Water Roughrider's Adventure Oliverio Agua Linda Bonnydoon Obolo
 Isabella Do Mar
 Roughrider Diver's Doll Farmion Geo
 Birchbrook Salema
 Roughrider's Cinderella Toraq's El Pescador Roughrider Pescador De Toraq
 Roughriders Madeira De Toraq
 Camerell's Roughrider Seeley Keel Tonel
 Natale Do Mar
 Nautique Spirit Of Valhalla Farmion Helmsman Cherna Reliant
 Granja Cherna
 Janota Do Vale Negro Cherna Reliant
 Aquaries' Blythe Spirit Farmion Neptuno Charlie De Alvalade
 Farmion Delgadas
 Halcyon's Heather Charlie De Alvalade
 Umbrion Queimada

Vinho is a proven producer on two continents. He throws compactness and substance as well as strong hips.


Louise Lindstén
Sörhagen 610
S-44693 Skepplanda - Sweden


    Armada's Pinta Helm's Alee
    Atlantic Queen's Aludra Adorabella
    Atlantic Queen's Aludra Aidi
    Atlantic Queen's Aludra Akiro
    Atlantic Queen's Aludra Amorebella
    Atlantic Queen's Aludra Avinhostar
    Atlantic Queen's Aludra Ayla
    Atlantic Queen's Dappere Dodo
    Atlantic Queen's Darlene Dean
    Atlantic Queen's Debbie Dee
    Atlantic Queen's Dennis Dominicus
    Atlantic Queen's Destiny Diva
    Atlantic Queen's Dex Doppler
    Atlantic Queen's Don Diego
    Dapeminos Ready For Rough Seas
    Dapeminos Ready For Stormy Weather
    Dapeminos Ready For Succsess
    Dapeminos Ready To Be Naturelle
    Dapeminos Ready To Go Over Seas
    Dapeminos Ready To Take A Chans
    Dapeminos Rough And Ready
    Dapeminos Rough And Tough
    Dapeminos Rough Guy
    Dapeminos Rough Rabalder
    Helm's Alee Cascadia
    Helm's Alee Chief Of The Boat
    Helm's Alee Ela Puxox Ai Pai ER
    Helm's Alee Full Sail To Elk Run
    Helm's Alee Marinheiro Elk Run
    Helm's Alee Mr. Lincoln Elkrun
    Helm's Alee Rainha Isabel
    Helm's Alee Seabiscuit
    Helm's Alee Simba At Tanaki
    Helm's Alee WS04021601
    Helms Alee Wind Rose
    Lacustrine Classicism
    Lacustrine Easter Bunny Helm's Alee
    Lacustrine Essentially Helm's Alee
    Lacustrine Everready Helm's Alee
    Lacustrine Romanticism
    Nigel O Corredor Do Rio
    Tanaki's Are We Ready
    Tanaki's Let's Get Ready
    Tanaki's Milo's Ready
    Tanaki's Ready Let's Go
    Tanaki's Ready To Go
    Tanaki's Rough N Ready
    Tanaki's Scooters Ready
    Tanaki's Skupper

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