American & Canadian Champion
Claircreek Impression De Matisse
reg nr.: AKC WS39134601
DOB: June 06, 2011
Black - curly
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good
OptiGen prcd-PRA: Carrier
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
EYES: PW-Eye 1188/40M-VPI 10/21/2014
Frozen semen available:
Donna Gottdenker - Canada

 Pouch Cove Caribe Cartmel Sea Master Cartmel Sea Goblet Cartmel The Seafarer
 Cartmel Sea-Diver
 Cartmel Sea Siren Cartmel The Seafarer
 Cartmel Celebration
 Pouch Cove's Monkey Business Pouch Cove's Patriot Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin
 Pinehaven Primetime
 Akire Supa Chunky Monkey Watermark Toby's Black Jack
 Sun Joy's Akire Supa Du Pa
 Claircreek Femme Fatale Sweetmeadows Bugle Boy Driftwood N Anji Batman Forever Pinehaven's Brigadoon
 Anji Elissa Deriva De Galvez
 Timbermist's Ir A Terra Timbermist Lancar Flor De Mar
 Timbermist Agua Lama Ebony 'n Ivory
 Aarion Emily Carr Robel Abraham Of Highwood Pennrico's Partial Eclipse
 Robel Kiss Me Kate
 Aarionturntomehighwood Robel Christopher Robin
 Cocoaport's Aveludado Aarion

US 2014 Number One Show Dog All Breeds. Top winning male show dog in US history.
Two time PWDCA National Specialty Best of Breed.
Sire of 2014 PWDCA Winners Dog, Winners Bitch, Reserve Winners Dog, Reserve Winners Bitch and Best Puppy in Show.


Milan Lint
3116 Burnt House Hill Road
18902 Doylestown, Pennsylvania - USA

phone: 917 881 6438
website: Pouch Cove

    Aviators Artistic Freedom
    Aviators Diego Rivera
    Aviators First Lady Of Trillium Blue
    Aviators Impression Of Renoir
    Aviators Impressive Lady
    Aviators Lady's Man De Remis
    Aviators Lucky Lady At Spyglass
    Aviators Mako De Tiburon
    Aviators Monet Monet Monet
    Calypso's Ring Of Fire
    Chasinwave's Some Like It Hot
    Chasinwaves Only Game In Town
    Chasinwaves WS46660201
    Chasinwaves WS46660204
    Chasinwaves WS46660205
    Chasinwaves WS46660206
    Chasinwaves WS46660207
    Chasinwaves WS46660208
    Chasinwaves WS46660209
    Claircreek Beach Grl
    Claircreek Charlie Brown
    Claircreek Crazy For You
    Claircreek Dolce Adelina
    Claircreek Emilia O Escolhido
    Claircreek Fleur De Pluie
    Claircreek Hometown Glory
    Claircreek I'll Be Waiting
    Claircreek La Plus Jolie
    Claircreek Louis Vuitton
    Claircreek Mar Violeta
    Claircreek Morena
    Claircreek One And Only
    Claircreek Rolling In The Deep
    Claircreek Sexy Sadie
    Claircreek Sierra Haute
    Claircreek Southern Submariner
    Claircreek Speedy Day Dreamer
    Claircreek Take It All
    Claircreek Veludo Do Sol
    Claircreek Vincenzo
    Classea's Can't Steal My Thunder
    Classea's Captain Fin
    Classea's Catch The Sea Guardian
    Classea's Caught A Shooting Star
    Classea's Loren
    Classea's Paint By Numbers
    Classea's Tabitha De Matisse
    Dandelion's Finns To The Left
    Dandelion's Fionnuala
    Dandelion's Maggie Mae
    Dandelion's Marlow Magic
    Dandelion's Perseus Com Brio
    Dandelion's Safe Harbor
    Dandelion's Son Of A Sailor
    Dandelion's WS53895708
    Dandelion's WS53895709
    Dandelion's WS53895710
    Del Sur's Impressive Impression
    Del Sur's Indelible Impression
    Del Sur's Maverick Prince Of Austin
    Del Sur's WS46404504
    Del Sur's WS46404505
    Eureka Timberoak Medusa
    Eureka Timberoak Poseidon
    Eureka Timberoak Surreal
    Fine Art Of Pouch Cove
    Makitso's Marsh Breeze Masterpiece At Skipjack
    Makitso's Oceanside Masterpiece At Skipjack
    Marinella Stuck On You Crews N Ports
    Marinella's A Little Less Conversation
    Marinella's Beach Boy Blues
    Marinella's Follow That Dream
    Marinella's Kiss Me Quick At Yare
    Marinella's Mama Liked The Roses
    Marinella's Marguerita
    Marinella's Rock-A-Hula Baby At Chigal
    Marinella's You Give Me... Fever
    Odysea Fidanzata D'Italia Pouch Cove
    Odysea Impresario At Pouch Cove
    Odysea Mia Bella Pouch Cove
    Odysea WS49947102
    Odysea WS49947103
    Odysea WS49947105
    Odysea WS49947106
    Odysea WS49947107
    Odyseas Gandolf
    Odyseas Glenn Niamh
    Odyseas Glimmerglass Pouch Cove
    Odyseas Jack Black
    Odyseas Mi Prieta Salada Of Pouch Cove
    Odyseas Rhea
    Odyseas Rita
    Odyseas Sophie
    Odyseas Starry Night At Pouch Cove
    Odyseas WS45643502
    Odyseas WS45643503
    Odyseas WS45643504
    Odyseas WS45643506
    Odyseas WS51770408
    Paragon-Hytide's Artistic Impression
    Paragon-Hytide's Artistic Renaissance
    Paragon-Hytide's Harmony In Art
    Paragon-Hytide's It's Elementary
    Paragon-Hytide's Modern Art
    Paragon-Hytide's Objet D'Art
    Paragon-Hytide's Two For The Show
    Pouch Cove A Fantasea In Black
    Pouch Cove Coloring Outside The Lines
    Pouch Cove In The Paint
    Pouch Cove Isea Del Sur
    Pouch Cove It's Now Or Never Marinella
    Pouch Cove Le Paysage De Van Gogh
    Pouch Cove Navy Blue
    Pouch Cove Picasso
    Pouch Cove WS42918506
    Pouch Cove WS42918507
    Pouch Cove WS42918510
    Pouch Cove WS48236503
    Pouch Cove WS48236506
    Pouch Cove WS48236507
    Pouch Cove WS48236509
    Pouch Cove WS48236512
    Pouch Cove WS48236513
    Pouch Cove You Sea Your Gypsea That I Love At Posh
    Pouch Cove Zander Rogue Knight
    Pouch Cove's Katie
    Pouch Cove's Pop Art
    Pouch Cove's Toast To Aqualon
    Pouch Cove's Work Of Art At Chasinwaves
    Punch Cove Slushsea Del Sur
    Skipjack's Baloo
    Skipjack's Downtown Buddy Brown
    Skipjack's Gift For Lauren
    Skipjack's It's My Time To Shine At Wicca
    Skipjack's Mr. Folly
    Skipjack's Royal Wave @ Oak Hill
    Skipjack's Teodor
    Skipjack's The Special
    Skipjack's Theodore Roosevelt
    Skipjack's What A Life
    Skipjacks's Tall Glass Of Water
    Timber Oaks Eureka Cass
    Timber Oaks Eureka Journey
    Timberoaks Eureka Of Lake-Breeze Legend
    Welch Bay Three Times A Charm
    Welch Bay WS51437501
    Welch Bay WS51437502
    Welch Bay WS51437503
    Welch Bay WS51437504
    Welch Bay WS51437505
    Welch Bay WS51437506
    Welch Bay WS51437509

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