Driftwood's Brown Trout By Hunter
reg nr.: AKC WP78708102
DOB: June 14, 1997
Brown - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good
OptiGen prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: not tested
IC: not tested
EYES: PW2598 - 05
Frozen semen available: yes
Elaine Lyons (Sutter) - USA

 Old River Ripples N The Stream Old River's Driftwood Farmion Zephyr Charlie De Alvalade
 Farmion Nazare
 Canopus Farinha Charlie De Alvalade
 Aliança Do Vale Negro
 Norvic's Black Silk N Ruffles Capricho Do Condinho Cherna Reliant
 Isolda De Azambuja
 Verbena Do Condinho Chico Do Condinho
 Darky De Alvalade
 Olimpia Do Vale Negro Cartmel Do Vale Negro Devil De Alvalade At Appleacre Taro (AD)
 Tamar (AD)
 Dana De Alvalade At Appleacre Taro (AD)
 Truta De Alvalade
 Caravela Do Vale Negro Maré Do Vale Negro Macuti
 Escama Do Vale Negro
 Margarida Do Zoo De Lisboa Macuti
 Lira De Azambuja

Trout won the first Canadian National Specialty in 2000. He received an Award of Merit at the PWDCA National in 1998. Trout was a very good and serious worker. He earned a CD easily. Always comfortable in his paws, we traveled the world. He taught me so much about dogs and the dog show world. CHIC#46636


Jean Hassebroek
1610 Reynolds Road
33801 Lakeland, Florida - USA

phone: 712-943-6609

    Belouro Hunter's Tomgirl
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    Belouro's Broektrout Driftwood
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    Carousel Gali
    Carousel Patsy Cline
    Carousel Sophie Bear
    Carousel's Faithful Fisher
    Carousel's Full Gale Genoa
    Carousel's Makai No Ka 'Oi
    Carousel's Seaside Mandolin
    Carousel's Wizard Harry Portie
    Carousels Mystic King Triton
    De Sur's Eduardo Barrento
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    Del Sur's Muddy Water
    Del Sur's Pico
    Del Sur's Rio De Madeira
    Del Sur's Sea Nettle Jellie
    Del Sur's Sea Trout
    Del Sur's Sir Maximillian
    Driftwood Mudler's Minnow
    Driftwood N Broek's Goldfish
    Driftwood N Broek's Starbucks
    Driftwood WR06797404
    Driftwood WS04000903
    Driftwood WS06502105
    Driftwood WS06502106
    Driftwood's Clover
    Driftwood's Coffee Break Jake
    Driftwood's Floater Of Aguatelin
    Driftwood's Four Leaf Clover
    Driftwood's Hailey Day
    Driftwood's Harlan O'Rourke
    Driftwood's Harley Mactrout
    Driftwood's Leprechaun
    Driftwood's Leprechaun Annie
    Driftwood's Lionfish
    Driftwood's Little Bit O Blarney
    Driftwood's Love In Diamonds
    Driftwood's Love In Hearts
    Driftwood's Love In Spades
    Driftwood's Magical Lucky Charm
    Driftwood's Milky Way
    Driftwood's Newfound Lake Trout
    Driftwood's Pisces
    Driftwood's Pluto Rocko Dawg Hermon
    Driftwood's Sinbad Latte'
    Driftwood's Whole Latte Goin' On
    Driftwoods Mercury
    Driftwoods N Broeks Beta Fish
    Driftwoods Neptune
    Driftwoods Newfound Rainbow Trout
    Eauchien's Trial Run
    Eauchien's Tribute To Koko
    Eauchien's Triumphant Gringo
    Fishbay WS13293804
    Fishbay WS13293806
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    Fishbay's Love In Diamond
    Fishbay's Love In Spades
    Francesca Bella Of Teo
    Galaxy's Ahi
    Galaxy's Black Lace Angelfish
    Galaxy's Blue Marlin
    Galaxy's Cassiopeia
    Galaxy's Green Sturgeon
    Galaxy's Orang Roughy
    Galaxy's Pink Salmon
    Galaxy's Silver Sea Trout
    Galaxy's White Perch
    Hat Trick Celtic Celebration
    Hat Trick Ire Moon Of Waters
    Hat Trick Love Of My Hart
    Hat Trick Stockton's Wing
    Hat Trick's Black Irish Mist
    Hat Trick's Clan Of Cavan
    Hat Trick's Luck O' The Irish
    Hunter Brisa Do Planalto
    Hunter Mariposa De Chocolate
    Hunter Shelby Of Grayslake
    Hunter'Isabella Mora Esporito
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    Hunter's Breaker
    Hunter's Clear Shot
    Hunter's Madison
    Hunter's Martha Brown
    Hunter's Mocha Delight
    Hunter's Net Surfin Bear
    Hunter's Olivia De Torres
    Hunter's Olivia The Princess
    Hunter's Our Lil Pet Cosette
    Hunter's Passaro D'Costa
    Hunter's Red Splash Of White
    Hunter's Sete De Setembro
    Hunter's Sir Cooper Soranno
    Hunter's Think I'M Hot
    Hunter's True Grit Of Encanto
    Maxwell Dark Roast
    Norvic WR07529603
    Norvic WR07529604
    Norvic's Autumn Beeky Filosa
    Norvic's Swiss Miss
    Norvics Coconut
    Rasta Callaway Brown Marasco
    Rough Sea's Boca Grande Light
    Rough Sea's Miss Demeanor
    Rough Seas WS03207410
    Rough Seas' Amelia Light Sky
    Rough Seas' Conspiracy
    Rough Seas' Dog Islandlight
    Rough Seas' Force Majeure
    Rough Seas' Harbortown Light
    Rough Seas' Judge
    Rough Seas' Justice
    Rough Seas' Kismet Light
    Rough Seas' Mercy
    Rough Seas' Most Wanted
    Rough Seas' Mystic Light
    Rough Seas' Roseblanche Light
    Rough Seas' St. Helena Light
    Rough Seas' Sullivanisl Light
    Rough Seas'Captain Cooper
    Rough Seasr Advisor
    Roughseas' Cape Lookout Light
    Roughseas' St Augustine Light
    Roughseas' St Vincente Farol
    Shasta Can You Hear The Drums
    Shasta Dancing Queen At Regala
    Shasta Mamamia Daisyduke Denbo
    Shasta's Lucy Waterloo
    Shasta's Super Trooper Kylie
    Stargazer Alaskan King Catch
    Stargazer Catch My Typhoon
    Stargazer's Catch A Wave
    Stargazer's Catch The Fever
    Stargazer's Catch The Heat
    Stargazer's Catch-Orro Bela
    Stargazer's Olga Eyecatcher
    Turnabout Bailey Moose
    Turnabout Jaded Heart
    Turnabout Vilors Restless Heart
    Turnabout WS14046703
    Turnabout WS14046704
    Turnabout WS14046705
    Turnabout WS14046706
    Turnabout WS14046708
    Virgil Earp

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