Sun Joy's Cao Grande Q.T.
reg nr.: AKC WP81830102
DOB: October 17, 1997
Black & White - curly
health stats:
Hips: OFA Excellent
OptiGen prcd-PRA: A1
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
IC: not tested
EYES: PW-2904/2004-85
Frozen semen available: yes
Beverly & Carrie Jorgensen - USA

 Neocles Duke O'Sunjoy Whitecap Neocles Acabado Captree Lote Adonis Do Mar
 Captree Enfiada
 Weathervane's Neocles Charo Keel Tonel
 Pequena Princesa Do Mar
 White Cap Dama Of Neocles Alfama Uberrimo Of Regala Spindrift Galley
 Avalon Yvivo
 Keel Beleza Trezena Monte Clerico
 Keel Torreira
 Kalinka Do Condinho Niquito Do Condinho Cherna Reliant
 Granja Cherna
 Isolda De Azambuja Taro (AD)
 Oura De Targaring
 Minx Do Condinho Ferragudo De Azambuja Taro (AD)
 Oura De Targaring
 Darky De Alvalade Taro (AD)
 Tamar (AD)


Beverly Jorgensen
East Haddam, Connecticut - USA

phone: 860-891-8057
website: Sun Joy PWDs

    A Sea Dog Em Segunda Classico
    A Seadog's Oliver Over London
    Acostar Teddy's Comet
    Acostar's Fiel Amigo
    Acostar's Latenite Drummerboy
    Acostar's Polaris
    Acostar's Stellaer Noel
    Cnsand pup 2007 05 01
    Dory Del Lakeshore Spindrift's Oscar
    Echobay's Bear In Mind
    Echobay's Commit To Memory
    Echobay's Forget Me Not
    Echobay's Lest We Forget
    Echobay's Lucky Lyndy Lou
    Echobay's Memorable Moment
    Echobay's Remembrance
    Echobay's Reminiscent
    Echobay's Unforgetable
    Echobay's Where Puppies Grow
    Fogdog.Penny Lane
    Hunter's A. Tillie The Hun
    Hunter's Back To The Future At Regala
    Hunter's Hawiaian Girl Kona
    Hunter's Le'Lanau's Loverboy Leo
    Hunter's Molly
    Hunter's Wicked Tessalation
    Keely Of Lakeshore
    King Crush Del Lakeshore
    Lakeshore Burnt Sienna
    Lakeshore Flow Tsunami
    Lakeshore's Marley
    Navio WS03400401
    Navio WS03400403
    Navio WS03400405
    Navio WS03400407
    Navio's Irish Mist
    Navio's Saturday Sweetheart
    Navio's We Love Lucy
    Navio-Baycliff's Lucky Charm
    Northstar WP94852406
    Northstar's Celestial Princess
    Northstar's Henry The Navigator
    Northstar's Pedro Cabral Pogo
    Northstar's Return To Sender
    Northstars Adirondak Explorer
    Northstars Prince Henry
    Penny Lane WP93163606
    Penny Lane's Whistlin' Dixie
    Penny Lanes
    Penny Lanes Cayben's Corky
    Penny Lanes Mickey Mouth
    Penny Lanes Pepper
    Penny Lanes Zoro At MacDuff
    Querida Chomo
    Querida Maggie's Graggy
    Querida WP95256101
    Querida WP95256104
    Royal Francesca The Dream
    Royal Lady Liberty
    Royal Samson Bianco
    Royal Titan Paolo
    Royal WS11359602
    Royal WS11359603
    Royal WS11359605
    Royal WS11359606
    Ruff Wave's Charles W Morgan
    Ruff Wave's L A Dutton
    Ruff Wave's Mermaid
    Ruff Wave's S V Brilliant
    Ruff Wave's Sabino
    Ruff Wave's Whistling Wind
    Sandstone's Tntanaki V Acostar
    Scrimshaw's Northstar Juliette
    Sea Dog At Portland Me
    Sea Dog's Alma Do Cao D'Agua
    Sea Dog's Amergris Mcitchy
    Sea Dog's Avellanes
    Sea Dog's Captain Miracle
    Sea Dog's Miracle Beach
    Sea Dog's Miracle Mile
    Sea Dog's Miracle Of Love
    Sea Dog's Miracle On Ice
    Sea Dog's The Miracle Worker
    Sea Dogs All Ashore
    Seadog's A St.Car Named Desire
    Sun Joy Gnewxt'Wnd Do Marco
    Sun Joy Ruby Red Lilly Do Marco
    Sun Joy Wind Of Hope
    Sun Joy WR01898404
    Sun Joy WS11843102
    Sun Joy WS11843103
    Sun Joy WS11843104
    Sun Joy WS11843106
    Sun Joy WS15910401
    Sun Joy's Bailey Winter
    Sun Joy's Feliz Navidad
    Sun Joy's Ffancy Chloe
    Sun Joy's Ffront Paige Bravo
    Sun Joy's Hannah Imogene
    Sun Joy's Hans!
    Sun Joy's HRH At Tanaki
    Sun Joy's Nirvana Wesley
    Sun Joy's Rocco Do Mar
    Sun Joy's Sinbad
    Sun Joy's Sparky Henry
    Sun Joy's Windward A Kona
    Sun Joy's WS15910402
    Tradewind WP97665704
    Tradewind WP97665710
    Tradewinds All I Ask Of You
    Tradewinds Angel Eyes
    Tradewinds Diva De Tavira
    Tradewinds Dylan
    Tradewinds I Love Lucy
    Tradewinds II
    Tradewinds Neka
    Tradewinds Tupelo Honey
    Tradewinds Twinkle Twinkle
    Wizards Excalibur Rambo

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