Neocles Acabado
reg nr.: AKC WF779038
DOB: July 17, 1985
Black - curly
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good
OptiGen prcd-PRA: not tested
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: N99L
JDCM-cardio: not tested
IC: not tested
EYES: PW-279/89-51
Frozen semen available: yes
Letty Afong - USA

 Captree Lote Adonis Do Mar Trezena Monte Clerico Farmion Azinhal
 Farmion Defeza
 Alvorada De Alvalade Taro (AD)
 Zulu De Alvalade
 Captree Enfiada Ancora Do Al-Gharb Lis Algarbiorum
 Espada Algarbiorum
 Trezena Manta Rota Farmion Azinhal
 Farmion Defeza
 Weathervane's Neocles Charo Keel Tonel Febo Do Al Gharb
 Espada Algarbiorum
 Spindrift Keel Ancora Do Al-Gharb
 Farmion Alfambra
 Pequena Princesa Do Mar Redondo Do Mar Anzol Do Al-Gharb
 Zingara De Alvalade
 Alvorada De Alvalade Taro (AD)
 Zulu De Alvalade

Orry had outstanding shoulders,topline,movement & temperment. Not only was he multiple top 5 PWD(OH) he is one of the top producers of all time with over 56 CH & multi titled get, including BIS & BISS. Some of his get are also top producers.


Kathy Conroy-Votca
311 Emerson Lane
56001 Mankato, Minnesota - USA

phone: 507-384-2628

    Anchor WP37682206
    Anchor's Boomer Boy
    Anchor's Calypso Girl
    Anchor's Captain Waverly
    Anchor's Caviar Bisho
    Anchor's Charmer Simone
    Anchor's Chime Of Cutwater
    Anchor's Cinder
    Anchor's Clipper Ship
    Anchor's Cruiser Cao Pocho
    Armada's Alegria D'Neocles
    Brieah Mobius
    Brieah WP51416601
    Brieah WP51416605
    Brieah WP51416606
    Brieah's Bailarinda Do Mar
    Brieah's Elegante Angelina
    Brieah's Just Call Me Madcap
    Brieah's Mississippi Gambler
    Brieah's Molly Magarida
    Brieah's Sancho Prendado
    Brieah's Sweet Revenge At Tel-mo
    Cutwater's Kaptain Kourageous
    Cutwater's Kayla
    Cutwater's Kismet
    Cutwater's Kit-Kat
    Cutwater's Knight Errant
    Driftwood Little Surfer Girl
    Driftwood's Big Girl's Don't Cry
    Driftwood's Burton's Braidy
    Driftwood's Disco Duffy
    Driftwood's I Am A Promise
    Driftwood's Jumping Jack Flash
    Driftwood's Kelseys Calypso
    Driftwood's Montego Bay
    Encanto Alegria Interminavel
    Encanto Algarve Rose
    Encanto Allikallie Moleque
    Encanto Almirante Coolidge
    Encanto Angel De Dios
    Encanto Araci
    Encanto Aurora Alegre
    Encanto Azelador De Casalago
    Friendship Fredrick Maxwell
    Friendship Olivia
    Friendship Sally Jesse
    Friendship's Allegra
    Friendship's Chloe
    Friendship's Clemencia
    Friendship's Maria Elena
    Friendship's Marina
    Friendship's Marousella
    Friendship's Senecan Kayla
    Karavin Black Blizzard
    Karavin Blue Prince of the Winter Winds
    Karavin Hot Tottie
    Karvin Inverno Preto De Felicidade
    La Serene Cordova
    Laserene Canoncito
    Laserene Chama
    Laserene Chavelle Yasmin
    Laserene Corazon Of Regala
    Laserene Cresencio Of Regala
    Levado Cao De Agua
    Neocles 'Lata Felicidade
    Neocles Azabache Evora Brio
    Neocles Baco Boo
    Neocles Beata Brio
    Neocles Beja Ovar
    Neocles Bella Mancha
    Neocles Bella Of Brio
    Neocles Bianca Of Brio
    Neocles Bizarro 'n' Tuxedo
    Neocles Brando Nadador
    Neocles Brisa Of Peja
    Neocles Cabo San Lucas
    Neocles Calimel Cracker Jack
    Neocles D
    Neocles Delicia
    Neocles Destiny Of Mariner
    Neocles Diablo Stormalong
    Neocles Dinamo
    Neocles Duke O'Sunjoy Whitecap
    Neocles Duncan
    Neocles E Beja
    Neocles E Krause
    Neocles Easy Sailing Of Brio
    Neocles Emeran Divida Doce
    Neocles Emilio
    Neocles Emissaria
    Neocles Encantadora Negro
    Neocles Encantadora Of Brio
    Neocles Eros Of Brio
    Neocles Esperto Of Brio
    Neocles Evangelina Of Brio
    Neocles Gaiata Of Friendship
    Neocles Lembranca De Legado
    Neocles Levada
    Neocles Lisa
    Neocles Lord Nelson
    Neocles Nateka La Hartwick
    Neocles Pandega
    Neocles Paraiso Romeo
    Neocles Perilito
    Neocles Picaro Armada
    Neocles Portia
    Neocles Preto Estrela
    Neocles Realizar D'Brilho
    Neocles S
    Neocles Saba Velisque
    Neocles Shaka De Candida
    Neocles Sinvergaenza
    Neocles Water
    Neocles Water Cao Klahowya
    Neocles Water Lighting
    Neocles Water Lily
    Neocles Water Samurai
    Neocles WP40147008
    Neocles WP52762002
    Neocles WP52762003
    Neocles WP52762004
    Neocles WP52762005
    Neocles WP61563501
    Neocles WP61563502
    Neocles WP69384603
    Neocles WP69384607
    Neocles WP70186401
    Neocles WP70186404
    Neocles WP70186405
    Neocles WP70186406
    Neocles X Xiomara
    Neocles Xebec
    Neocles Xu Xu
    Neocles-Laserene Demecia
    Neoclesmusicalsonata Sapeca
    Riverrun A Dunkin' Hans
    Riverrun Adicted To Fun
    Riverrun Admiral Of Brianda
    Riverrun Agua Negra Whitecap
    Riverrun Alejandro De Leal
    Riverrun Apparition
    Riverrun Apple Of My Eye
    Riverrun Arcana Mysteries
    Riverrun Back Fence Gossip
    Riverrun Bet Ur Bottomdollar
    Riverrun Black Shadow
    Riverrun Brandy
    Riverrun Breakwater Casey
    Riverrun Brink
    Roseknoll Fabrege's Sunrider
    Roseknoll Natasha Of Noecles
    Roseknoll Nisha Of Neocles
    Roseknoll Tolstoy Of Neocles
    Sun Joy Flashdance O' Glenllyn
    Sun Joy Flirtacious Petunia
    Sun Joy Neocles Forma Grande
    Sun Joy's Absolut Fantasia
    Sun Joy's Farolim
    Sun Joy's Flor Por Moleiro
    Voyager WP45466202
    Voyager WP45466203
    Voyager WP45466206
    Voyager's Makwa Makade'Wissi
    Voyager's Viking Warlord
    Voyagers Anything Goes

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