Driftwood Broek Success at Love
reg nr.: AKC WS09434405
DOB: July 07, 2004
Black & White - curly
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good
OptiGen prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
IC: Carrier
EYES: PW-4878/2010-69
Frozen semen available: yes
Linda Adams & Morgin Powell - USA

 Del Sur's Makin All The Right Moves Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin Le Hi's Captain Midnight Le-Hi's Clown Prince
 Le-Hi's Recherche Of Tywater
 Sunnyhill Quiet Wind N Sails Le-Hi's Madeira Lancer
 Costa Azul Sophie's Choice
 Del Sur's Makin A Splash Pinehaven's Casablanca Anacoves La Primera Samba
 White Cap Graca Bravata
 Del Sur's Bubble Bath D Lagerfeld Of Brinmar
 Del Sur Costa Da Caparica
 Driftwood's Venus At Fishbay Driftwood's Danger Zone Lindamar Mulato De Camlin Zorro Do Vale Negro
 Morena Do Vale Negro
 Driftwood's Seminole Wind Anacoves La Primera Samba
 Driftwood's I Am A Promise
 Driftwood's Rising Phoenix Neocles Facil Figaro Rock-Mere Cavalo Branco
 Neocles Beata Brio
 Driftwood's Lion Sleeps Tonight Driftwood's Comanche Warrior
 Old River A Lil Minnow

Tino is a lovely mover. Very solid temperament that as been passed down to his get. Winner of 5 Best in Shows and multiple group placements. Best Puppy in Sweeps at the 2005 PWDCA National Specialty


Jean Hassebroek
1610 Reynolds Road
33801 Lakeland, Florida - USA

phone: 712-943-6609

    Broek That's No Moon
    Broek's Lua Nova
    Broek's Moon Over My Abby
    Broek's Runn'N Moonshine
    Broek's Summer Moon
    D'Lite Atlas
    D'Lite Bear
    D'Lite Buddy
    D'Lite Finn
    D'Lite Lily
    D'Lite Murphy
    D'Lite Oreo
    D'Lite Timmy
    D'Lite WS42991810
    D'Lites Yellow Polkadot Bikini
    Driftwood Broek Anything Goes
    Driftwood Broek Beach Volleyball
    Driftwood Broek Success Goes On
    Driftwood Broek Success' U Go Girl
    Driftwood The One That I Want At Amethyst Acres
    Driftwood WS19428807
    Driftwood WS19428808
    Driftwood WS22188302
    Driftwood WS22188303
    Driftwood WS22188304
    Driftwood WS22419906
    Driftwood WS22419908
    Driftwood WS22419910
    Driftwood WS34742002
    Driftwood WS34742007
    Driftwood You Teddy Miller
    Driftwood's Captain Nemo
    Driftwood's Cops Annie Belle
    Driftwood's Cops Can'T Catch Mi
    Driftwood's Cops Serve & Protect
    Driftwood's I Will Always Love You
    Driftwood's It Had To Be You
    Driftwood's N Tellstar Go Go Dancer
    Driftwood's N Tellstar Go Go Dancer
    Driftwood's Party Cop Ricky Rae
    Driftwood's Play That Funky Music
    Driftwood's Stella Star Of Sea
    Driftwood's The Cops Have Spotted Me
    Driftwood's Try Going Going Gone
    Driftwood's Undercover Cop
    Driftwood's WS27017404
    Driftwood's WS27017407
    Driftwood's You Ain'T Seen Nothin' Yet
    Driftwoods Elsie Mae Latte
    Driftwoods Taking You Fullsail
    Mirage WS34742005
    Mirage WS34742008
    Mirage WS34742010
    Mirage's Cobra Strikes
    Mirage's Now What Did Hukie Do
    Mirage's She Is Quite The Lady, Our Sadie
    Mirage's They Say It's Your Birthday
    Mirage's True Illusion
    Mirage's What Goes Around Comes Around
    Mirage's WS41380402
    Mirages I Only Want To Be With You
    Mirages Solstice Skyes Lorenzo
    Odysea WS22703701
    Odysea WS22703702
    Odysea WS22703703
    Odysea WS22703704
    Odysea WS22703706
    Odysea WS22703707
    Odysea WS22703708
    Odysea WS22703710
    Odyseas Silly Love Song
    Seaworthy WS20975003
    Seaworthy WS20975008
    Seaworthy's First Choice
    Seaworthy's First Coast Sonic Boom
    Seaworthy's First Dawn On The Bay
    Seaworthy's First Deja Blue
    Seaworthy's First Georgia Girl
    Seaworthy's First Irish McKane
    Seaworthy's First Roll Of The Dice
    Seaworthy's Let Me Be First
    Seaworthy's Virginia First Lady
    Success WS34769004
    Success WS34769007
    Success WS34769008
    Success' Element Of Surprise
    Success' Marti Leigh Wurtz
    Success' No Surprise
    Success' Taken By Surprise

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