Cosmos Sirius Over CnSand
reg nr.: AKC WP79131510
DOB: June 7, 1997
Black & White - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good 3796G85M-PI, OFA EL 1020M85-PI normal
OptiGen prcd-PRA: B1
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal by parents
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
IC: Normal
Frozen semen available: yes
Kristen Cofiell & Barbara Floch - USA

 Cartmel The Bismark Porão Do Vale Negro Cacau Do Vale Negro Maré Do Vale Negro
 Margarida Do Zoo De Lisboa
 Galera Do Vale Negro Macuti
 Marinha Do Vale Negro Maré Do Vale Negro Macuti
 Escama Do Vale Negro
 Hortense Do Zoo De Lisboa Macuti
 Lira De Azambuja
 Cosmos Devil Or Angel Pinehaven's Casablanca Anacoves La Primera Samba White Cap Capitao Do Monab
 Camerell's Delta Dawn
 White Cap Graca Bravata Sumpwams Neptuno
 White Cap Deep Sea Courier
 Questar's Phoebe Of Cosmos Pinehaven's On The Town Anacoves La Primera Samba
 White Cap Graca Bravata
 Questar's Aldebaran Trezena Benquisto
 Weathervane's Preitu Cereias

Cosmos Sirius Over CnSand has his major points in the USA. Siri is a very typey boy with exceptional movement.

Only frozen semen is available to approved bitches.


Barbara Miller Floch
29 Rembrandt Dr
L3M 5A1 Grimsby, Ontario - Canada

phone: 905-309-9002
website: Cosmos PWDs

    Agua Dulce WS52444403
    Agua Dulce WS52444405
    Agua Dulce WS52444406
    Agua Dulce WS52444407
    Agua Dulce's Cupid's Arrow
    Agua Dulce's Curach
    Agua Dulce's Dewin Mawr
    Beacon Hill -Leal Pi In The Sky
    Beacon Hill Alnitak Leal
    Beacon Hill Estrela Leal
    Beacon Hill It's In The Stars
    Beacon Hill Mira Leal
    Beacon Hill Moonchild Leal
    Beacon Hill Skywatch Leal
    Beacon Hill Starboard Leal
    Beacon Hill WS29612503
    Beacon Hill-Leal Celestial Design
    Beacon Hill-Leal Sail By Starlight
    Leal's Galactic Journey From Beacon Hill

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