American & Canadian Champion
Del Sur's Keno Of Cascade
reg nr.: AKC WS04248303
DOB: June 4, 2003
Black - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good
OptiGen prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
IC: Normal
EYES: PW4445-41 no breeder options
Frozen semen available:
Cindy Thorson and Lana Woodburn - USA

 Hunter's The One For Deerpark Hunter Walking On Water Glenllyn Flashfire O Windruff Sun Joy Flashdance O' Glenllyn
 Andrea Do Condinho
 Olimpia Do Vale Negro Cartmel Do Vale Negro
 Caravela Do Vale Negro
 Hunter's Ballantine Beacon Hill Fagueiro Nativo Do Mar
 Sea Witch Of Beacon Hill
 Olimpia Do Vale Negro Cartmel Do Vale Negro
 Caravela Do Vale Negro
 Del Sur's Makin Front Page News Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin Le Hi's Captain Midnight
 Le-Hi's Recherche Of Tywater
 Sunnyhill Quiet Wind N Sails Le-Hi's Madeira Lancer
 Costa Azul Sophie's Choice
 Del Sur's Makin A Splash Pinehaven's Casablanca Anacoves La Primera Samba
 White Cap Graca Bravata
 Del Sur's Bubble Bath D Lagerfeld Of Brinmar
 Del Sur Costa Da Caparica

Moderate 60 pounds 21.5 inches to the withers. Balanced, sound mover coming, going and sidegate. Beautiful coat, incredible temperment. Great producer, 90th % Penn Hip, multi group winner


Cindy Thorson
2215 171st Pl SE
98012 Bothell, Washington - USA

phone: 425-481-9045
website: Cascade

    Adia Bay's Hot Chocolate
    Adia Bay's Jamaica Me Crazy
    Adia Bay's Sophie De Marsilly
    Adia Bays Rio Samba
    Adiabays Mr Lincoln
    Beacon Hill Baccarat
    Beacon Hill Call My Bluff
    Beacon Hill High Roller
    Beacon Hill Necee On The Money
    Beacon Hill Sea Gamboler
    Beacon Hill Shake Rattle And Roll
    Beacon Hill Wild Card
    Beacon Hill's Card Shark
    Cascade Annabelle
    Cascade Atlas
    Cascade Aza
    Cascade Belmont Stakes Carnation
    Cascade Chocolate Bosco Goodness
    Cascade Chuva De Squyres
    Cascade Cruiser
    Cascade Dark Star At Terrapin
    Cascade Del Sur Keller
    Cascade Del Sur Lola
    Cascade Del Sur Makai Nalu
    Cascade Del Sur Melbourne
    Cascade Del Sur Oreo
    Cascade Del Sur Sasha
    Cascade Del Sur Sierra Agua
    Cascade Del Sur's Mavrick
    Cascade Earl Of Rish
    Cascade Euphoric Rooney
    Cascade Everready Pepper
    Cascade Excellent Lucy
    Cascade Fido
    Cascade Genoa Genie
    Cascade Halia
    Cascade Indy
    Cascade Isabela
    Cascade Jewel
    Cascade Josie Girl
    Cascade Junho
    Cascade Kailey
    Cascade Kentucky Derby Rose
    Cascade Lady
    Cascade Lucy
    Cascade Lulabelle
    Cascade Mac
    Cascade Maggie
    Cascade Mia
    Cascade Millie
    Cascade Molly
    Cascade Mosby
    Cascade Murano
    Cascade Ned Of Squak Mountain
    Cascade Orchestrated By Rustyco
    Cascade Pixie
    Cascade Quincee
    Cascade Rejoice
    Cascade Revelation To Rustyco
    Cascade Ruby Catari
    Cascade Sadie
    Cascade Scout
    Cascade Second Chance
    Cascade She's Aquatic Girl
    Cascade Skipnstones Across The Rio
    Cascade Snoopy's Red Baron
    Cascade Sophie
    Cascade Tagus Exodus
    Cascade Take It To The Limit
    Cascade Thor
    Cascade Timo
    Dacher's Delaurs Unanimous Vote
    Dacher's Unchain My Heart
    Dacher's Unchained Li'L Melody
    Dacher's Underwater Sweetheart
    Dacher's Uno Ulani Kaiki
    Dacher's Up Up And Away
    Dacher's Uptown Girl
    Dacher's Ursa Minor
    Dacher's WS38070007
    Del Sur How Now
    Del Sur WS21596404
    Del Sur's Acqua Bella
    Del Sur's Cascade Pair A Dice
    Del Sur's Cascade Vegas Show Gill
    Del Sur's Hydro
    Del Sur's My Heart's Desire
    Keeva Bay's Anchor Hallorette
    Keeva Bay's Built For Speed
    Keeva Bay's Finny Foo Foo
    Keeva Bay's High On Diesel
    Keeva Bay's Its All About Pink
    Keeva Bay's Scarlett McNeely
    Keeva Bay's Sugar And Spice
    Kever Bay's Ozzy The Wizard
    Milage's You May Sea A Star
    Milagre's Black Silk Lamborghini Uno
    Milagre's Moca Mazerati
    Milagre's Poolside Charley Mayhem
    Milagre's Sailing A Reach On A Following Sea
    Milagre's Tennessee Testarossa
    Milagre'S,Rosa,Navegadora Da Escuridade
    Peninsula's Armand Hammer
    Peninsula's Fight'N Irish
    Peninsula's Lavender Lady
    Peninsula's Maroon Belle Of Vindouro
    Peninsula's Orange Crush
    Peninsula's Sexy Sadie
    Peninsula's Tuxedo Dance With Me
    Peninsula's Ziegler Blu
    Rustyco Broadway On Ice
    Rustyco Holiday On Ice
    Rustyco Ice Angel
    Rustyco Icicle Toes
    Rustyco N'Ice And Easy
    Rustyco New Years Icebreaker
    Rustyco O'Brody
    Rustyco O'Domino
    Rustyco Odysseus Basil
    Rustyco Oliver
    Rustyco Om Shanti
    Rustyco Omega
    Rustyco Orlando
    Rustyco Out Fishing
    Rustyco Sl'Ice Of Heaven
    Rustyco Smooth As Ice
    Rustyco The Iceman Cometh
    Rustyco Ultima
    Rustyco Ulysses
    Rustyco Umberto
    Rustyco Ureka
    Rustyco Uriah
    Rustyco Ustinov
    Rustyco Utopia
    Seaward 2011-01-30 pup 1
    Seaward 2011-01-30 pup 2
    Seaward 2011-01-30 pup 3
    Seaward 2011-01-30 pup 4
    Seaward 2011-01-30 pup 5
    Seaward 2011-01-30 pup 6
    Seaward 2011-01-30 pup 7
    Seaward's I Pity The Fool
    Seaward's Wiccan Charm
    Sisu It's A Shore Thing
    Sisu Life's A Beach
    Sisu Life's A Card Trick
    Sisu Mayla Boule
    Sisu Salish Sea Voyager
    Sisu Take Me To The River
    Sisu's Benito
    Stargazer After A Midnight Sail
    Stargazer After Dark At Altitude
    Stargazer After Hours At The Plaza
    Stargazer After Ours Is Whidbey
    Stargazer After Sunset
    Stargazer Afternoon On Waikiki
    Stargazer Never A Cloud In The Sky
    Stargazer Never Ending Story
    Stargazer Never Enough Paquito
    Stargazer Never Ever Bad
    Stargazer Never Forget Dr. Alvin
    Stargazer Never Miss The Mark
    Stargazer Never Out Of Tune
    Stargazer Never Settle For Less
    Stargazer Never Tagus Ii Braeburn
    Stargazer Never Underestimate A Girl
    Stargazer Tomorrow Never Knows
    Stargazer's After Kylie Charles
    Stargazer's After The Dance
    Stargazer's Afterglow
    Stargazzer's After The Dust Settles

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