American Grand Champion
Querida's The Green Monster
reg nr.: AKC WS14244402
DOB: June 12, 2005
Black & White - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good Elbows Normal
OptiGen prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
IC: Normal
EYES: PW-5741 Last Exam 8/1/11
Frozen semen available:
Cynthia O'Connor, Margaret O'Connor, and Erika Griesbach - USA

 Moussaillon Chuck the Survivor Deewal Intrepid Pennrico's Partial Eclipse Le-Hi's Madeira Lancer
 Seastar Stonehollow Bolhobo
 Deewal Knollcrest Jocketa Le-Hi's Madeira Lancer
 Roughrider Kallista Of ZL
 Sevenbeauty Whoopi Moussaillon Neocles Duke O'Sunjoy Whitecap Neocles Acabado
 White Cap Dama Of Neocles
 Sun Joy's Goodness Gracious Magia Flor De Mar
 Kalinka Do Condinho
 Akire By The Bay At Querida Yelsek Sea Shanty Cartmel The Seafarer Porão Do Vale Negro
 Marinha Do Vale Negro
 Rarjo Brown Girl In The Ring Bregantia Captains Mate
 Elmley Sailing Home To Rarjo
 Sun Joy's Akire Supa Du Pa Northwind's Cub Run Cruiser Neocles Harbor Master's Windjammer
 Marinheira Flor De Mar
 Seamajik Golfinho De Sun Joy Magia Flor De Mar
 Kalinka Do Condinho


Cynthia O'Connor
Plymouth - Massachusetts - USA

website: Querida pwds

    Brewster Duffy
    C-Lion The Harbor Master's Daughter
    C-Lion's Daughter of Fortune
    Catalina Roxanne Milbert
    Charlie Tiberius Ford
    Cosmic Adventurer
    Cosmic Apocalypse
    Cosmic Carolina Roarin' Riptide
    Cosmic Kielson
    Cosmic Sawyer Square
    Cosmic Splash
    Cosmic Starlight Lucy
    Cosmic Sutton
    Cove's End Hidden Treasure
    Cove's End Oakley Anderson
    Cove's End Sadie
    Cove's End Sea Artist
    Dig'M Up's Reel Life
    Dig'M Up's Reel Life Lucky Penny
    Ella Blue
    Fowler's Princess Ruby
    Hurley C. Dowdell
    Lakeshore Bristol
    Lakeshore Buoy
    Lakeshore Charliewise Sage
    Lakeshore Fairway
    Lakeshore Hinckley
    Lakeshore Ivy
    Lakeshore Jetty Of Ipswich
    Lakeshore Maddie
    Lakeshore Menina
    Lakeshore Nauset Nanny
    Lakeshore Ozzie
    Lakeshore Skipper
    Lakeshore Sweet Basil
    Lakeshore Waverly Of Eastgate
    Lakeshore Zemba
    Lakeshore's Charles Of Waterlot
    Mistress Brady Del Lakeshore
    Nutmeg Why Of Lakeshore
    Pickwick's A Pirates Life For Me
    Pickwick's Adventures Of Bullwhip Griffin
    Pickwick's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
    Pickwick's Grant Me One Wish Aveiro
    Pickwick's Little Mermaid
    Pickwick's Mad Hatter's Tea Party
    Pickwick's Magic Carpet
    Pickwick's Mask Of Zorro
    Pickwick's Spoonful Of Sugar
    Pickwick's The Lion King
    Pickwick's Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
    Piper Yates
    Prince Henry Da Lakeshore De Querida
    Princess Magdalena Of The Sea
    Princess WS39879101
    Princess WS39879102
    Princess WS39879103
    Princess WS39879104
    Princess WS39879108
    Princess WS39879109
    Querida Double Play
    Querida Double Trouble
    Querida The Big Bang Theory By Cosmic
    Reel Life WS39787002
    Rockmere's Black Pearl
    Rockmere's Cosmo Brown
    Rockmere's Cruiser
    Rockmere's Driving Miss Maisy
    Rockmere's Harbor Master
    Rockmere's Mia
    Rockmere's Roscoe
    Rockmere's Sailing Under The Stars
    Rockmere's Skipper
    Stella Luna Lakeshore Jarvis
    Sun Joy WS24354402
    Sun Joy WS28265204
    Sun Joy WS28265206
    Sun Joy' Merry Maddness
    Sun Joy's & Querida's Rio Esperanca
    Sun Joy's Man Of Mystery
    Sun Joy's Mate Mighty Captain Miguel
    Sun Joy's Mister Magellan Of Querida
    Sun Joy's Naughty But Nice
    Sun Joy's Nn Not Just Sugar
    Sun Joy's Nnando
    Sun Joy's Nnani Wai 'Ilio
    Sun Joy's Nnantucket Sadie
    Sun Joy's Nnantucket Zoe
    Sun Joy's Nniles Oliver
    Sun Joy's Right Rong Isabelle
    Sun Joy's Rob Roy
    Sun Joy's Rriant Cove
    Sun Joy's WS33654903
    Sun Joy's WS33654905
    Taloula Mango
    Windruff Devil In The Deep Blue Sea
    Windruff Ginsan Bica A Beira Mar
    Windruff Hobie
    Windruff Indiana Jones
    Windruff Kolbie
    Windruff Taking It To The Max
    Windruff WS29321704
    Windruff WS29321706
    Windruff WS29321708
    Windruff WS33892403
    Windruff WS33892404
    Windruff WS33892405
    Windruff's Jump On Board

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