BISS American & Canadian Champion
Pinehaven's Casablanca
reg nr.: AKC WP460867/01
DOB: November 29, 1992
Black - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Excellent EL 133T
OptiGen prcd-PRA: B1
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: N99L
JDCM-cardio: not tested
EYES: PW1214/96-48
Frozen semen available: yes
Beverly & Thomas Rafferty - USA

 Anacoves La Primera Samba White Cap Capitao Do Monab Keel Lobo Trezena Monte Clerico
 Spindrift Keel
 Keel Beleza Trezena Monte Clerico
 Keel Torreira
 Camerell's Delta Dawn Keel Tonel Febo Do Al Gharb
 Spindrift Keel
 Natale Do Mar Real Do Mar
 Alma Do Mar
 White Cap Graca Bravata Sumpwams Neptuno Captree Lote
 Captree Enfiada
 White Cap Brisa Nativo Do Mar
 Keel Beleza
 White Cap Deep Sea Courier Alfama Uberrimo Of Regala Spindrift Galley
 Avalon Yvivo
 Keel Beleza Trezena Monte Clerico
 Keel Torreira

Bogey excells in type and movement and has a great temperament. Only frozen semen is available to approved bitches.


Barbara Miller Floch
29 Rembrandt Dr
L3M 5A1 Grimsby, Ontario - Canada

phone: 905-309-9002
website: Cosmos PWDs

    Benhil Stillwater Belle
    Benhil's Stillwater
    Benhil's Stillwater Caracois
    Benhil's Stillwater Choc Chip
    Benhil's Stillwater Forte
    Benhil's Stillwater Phoenix
    Benhil's Stillwater SCND Wind
    Benhil's Stillwater Sonata
    Cosmos 06 Yellow
    Cosmos 07 Dk Blue
    Cosmos 10 Navy
    Cosmos Bigelow
    Cosmos Black Bear
    Cosmos Bogey Fever
    Cosmos Casablanca Lily
    Cosmos Checkers Casablanca
    Cosmos Christian By Dior
    Cosmos Classy Clipper
    Cosmos Devil Or Angel
    Cosmos Expose Yourself To Art
    Cosmos For Sentimental Reasons
    Cosmos Heaven Can Wait
    Cosmos Heaven Of Earth
    Cosmos I Guess I'm Third
    Cosmos Let's Do It Again
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    Cosmos Little Lexi
    Cosmos Lola
    Cosmos Moonstruck
    Cosmos More Than You Ever Know
    Cosmos Once In A Blue Moon
    Cosmos Patrick
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    Cosmos Pup 2/97
    Cosmos Rio Grande
    Cosmos Sea Shanty
    Cosmos Sound of the Wind
    Cosmos Star Of The Sea
    Cosmos Starship Magellan
    Cosmos Swinging On A Star
    Cosmos The Angels Sing
    Cosmos Touched By An Angel
    Cosmos Walk Beside Me
    Cosmos Walk On
    Cosmos Walk On Water Too
    Cosmos Walk Over A Brook
    Cosmos Walk That Moggy
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    Del Sur's Salty Dogg
    Del Sur's Sea Of Colors
    Del Sur's True Colors
    Delsur Commotion By The Ocean
    Driftwood's Excellent Adventure
    Driftwood's Excellent Journey
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    Driftwoods Much Ado About Me
    K-Port WP61354303
    K-Port's Black Gypsy Queen
    K-Port's Kai Lani
    K-Ports Marco Polo
    Kport Ruff Sport Of Cnsand
    Molly McGuire Of Stargazer
    Princess Bela Of Stargazer
    Seabella's Bella
    Seabella's Billy of the Sea
    Seabella's Oliver's Fantaseas
    Seabella's Scooner Seabreeze
    Seabella's Seabrina
    Seabella's Seapirate
    Seabella's Tejo
    Seabella's Zoe
    Stargazer WP76900602
    Stargazer's Bewitched
    Stargazer's Own Gal-Lexi
    Stargazers Chulo
    Stargazers Midnight
    Stargazers Play It Again Sam
    Stargazers The Big Sleep
    Vasco Stargazer Of Dunbar

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