Seaworthy's Secret Weapon
reg nr.: AKC WS30979306
DOB: July 24, 2009
Black & White - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good * Elbows Normal
OptiGen prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
IC: Normal
Frozen semen available: yes
Mary & Ronald Salvary & Morgin Powell - USA

 Driftwood's Call Me Sexsea Driftwood's Bacchus Dos Driftwood's Danger Zone Lindamar Mulato De Camlin
 Driftwood's Seminole Wind
 Driftwood's Rising Phoenix Neocles Facil Figaro
 Driftwood's Lion Sleeps Tonight
 Driftwood's Ship Of Dreams Lindamar Mulato De Camlin Zorro Do Vale Negro
 Morena Do Vale Negro
 Driftwood's Lil' Dark Mistress Old River Ripples N The Stream
 Driftwood's Big Girl's Don't Cry
 Driftwood's Fantasea Beach Girl Driftwood's Split Second Driftwood's Light My Fire Lindamar Mulato De Camlin
 Driftwood's Seminole Wind
 Driftwood's Lil' Dark Mistress Old River Ripples N The Stream
 Driftwood's Big Girl's Don't Cry
 Broek N Driftwood's Lil Deuce Coupe Driftwood's King Samuel Lindamar Mulato De Camlin
 Driftwood's Seminole Wind
 Driftwood's Kea Imuk Kingmok Neocles Facil Figaro
 Driftwood's Lil' Dark Mistress

Wonderful working boy with excellent temperament. Lovely movement, bone and substance. Thick whirly wavy coat. Proven producer of titled get.


Ann Giles or Mary Salvary
5060 Cahaba Valley Trail
35242 Birmingham, Alabama - USA

phone: 205-266-4603
mail: agiles@brook-valley.com
website: Seaworthy

    Bayswater Family Friend Hank
    Bayswater WS46609707
    Bayswater WS46609708
    Bayswater's Fab Fur Penny Lane
    Bayswater's Face The Music
    Bayswater's Friday Night Lights
    Bayswaters Fish-N-Chips
    Bayswaters Frankie I Can'T Take My Eyes Off You
    Caladesi Be Fore The Secret Out
    Caladesi Be In On The Secret
    Caladesi Be In The Zone
    Caladesi Be Yond Sexsea
    Caladesi Be Yond The Flash
    Caladesi Be Yond The Greatest Dance
    Caladesi Be Yond Your Wildest Dreams
    Cold Harbor WS53887501
    Cold Harbor WS53887503
    Cold Harbor WS53887504
    Cold Harbor WS53887505
    Cold Harbor WS53887506
    Cold Harbor WS53887507
    Cold Harbor WS53887508
    Cold Harbor's Secret Warrior Of The Sea
    Cold Harbor's Special Secret To Keep
    Navigator's Bay Dream Believer
    Navigator's Believe In Me
    Navigator's Believe It Or Not
    Navigator's Believe Me Now
    Navigator's Do You Believe In Magic
    Navigator's Something To Believe In
    Navigator's You'D Better Believe It
    Sailor's Believe I'M A Naughtical Girl
    Sailor's Believe In Magic
    Sailor's Believe In Paradise
    Sailor's Believe It Or Knot
    Sailor's Daydream Believer
    Sailor's Don'T Stop Believing
    Sailor's I Believe I'Ll Have Another
    Sailor's I Believe I'm The One
    Sailor's If You Just Believe
    Sailor's Reason To Believe
    Sailor's Seaing Is Believing
    Sailor's Sweet Dream Believer
    Sailor's Unbelievable

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