International CH , American Grand CH, AOM, POM, AOE, WWD, CGC
Driftwood's Call Me Sexsea
reg nr.: AKC WS10522904
DOB: October 10, 2004
Black - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Excellent
OptiGen prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
IC: Normal
EYES: PW-5303 2013-108
Frozen semen available: yes
Morgin Powell and Colette Livingston - USA

 Driftwood's Bacchus Dos Driftwood's Danger Zone Lindamar Mulato De Camlin Zorro Do Vale Negro
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 Driftwood's Lil' Dark Mistress Old River Ripples N The Stream Old River's Driftwood
 Norvic's Black Silk N Ruffles
 Driftwood's Big Girl's Don't Cry Neocles Acabado
 Old River A Lil Minnow

Proven Producer, beautiful mover, wonderful side gait, well boned, extremely broad topskull, excellent and motivated swimmer, loving family dog. 62 lbs and 21 1/2 at the withers.


Mary Salvary
8104 SW 42nd Ave
32608 Gainesville, Florida - USA

phone: 334-695-6002
website: Seaworthy

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    Prophesea's A Piece Of My Heart
    Prophesea's Bohemian Rhapsody
    Prophesea's Born This Way
    Prophesea's Dancing In The Streets
    Prophesea's It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
    Prophesea's Leather And Lace
    Prophesea's Let The Good Times Roll
    Prophesea's Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
    Prophesea's Watching The River Flow
    Ruggles Rides The Waves
    Sailor's Awesome 'Round The World Adventure
    Sailor's Awesome Adventures Of Marco Polo
    Sailor's Awesome Arlo
    Sailor's Awesome Barkley Buoy
    Sailor's Awesome Bogart's Buoy
    Sailor's Awesome Kpt Captain Ouro
    Sailor's Awesome Pepper Girl
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    Sea-Ward's WS29925603
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    Seaworthy N Boardwalk's You Gotta Regatta At Doceu
    Seaworthy's Above and Beyond
    Seaworthy's All In A Days Work
    Seaworthy's All Work No Play
    Seaworthy's Back In A Flash
    Seaworthy's Best Kept Secret
    Seaworthy's Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt
    Seaworthy's Beyond Belief
    Seaworthy's Beyond Imagination
    Seaworthy's Beyond Our Expectations
    Seaworthy's Beyond the Blue Horizon
    Seaworthy's Beyond The Call Of Duty
    Seaworthy's Beyond the Sea
    Seaworthy's Beyond Words
    Seaworthy's Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
    Seaworthy's Flash Back
    Seaworthy's Flash Forward
    Seaworthy's Flash Of Brilliance
    Seaworthy's Flashdance
    Seaworthy's Flashy Gal
    Seaworthy's Gracefully Veiled Secret
    Seaworthy's It's Workin For Me
    Seaworthy's Lily's Secret Sauce
    Seaworthy's Living Beyond Her Means
    Seaworthy's News Flash
    Seaworthy's Night Starlight
    Seaworthy's One Singular Sensation
    Seaworthy's Quick As A Flash
    Seaworthy's Secret Pal Millie
    Seaworthy's Secret Thief of My Heart
    Seaworthy's Secret Weapon
    Seaworthy's Shining Star
    Seaworthy's Sparky Star Of The Lake
    Seaworthy's Star Of Westover
    Seaworthy's Starbuck
    Seaworthy's Stardom Awaits
    Seaworthy's Starstruck
    Seaworthy's Work It On Out
    Seaworthy's Work of Art
    Seaworthy's Workin My Way Up
    Seaworthy's Working Nine to Five
    Seaworthy's Works Like a Charm
    Seaworthy's Works Like Magic
    Tagalong's High Tea For Two
    Tagalong's Play Two For Eagle
    Tagalong's Play Two For Keepers
    Tagalong's Salute To Gallant Man
    Tagalong's Salute To The Midnight Ryder
    Tagalong's Tiptoe Thru The Tulips
    Tagalong's Two Dolce In The Piazza
    Topside's Kao De Agua Argus
    Topside's Kentucky Avenue King Cole
    Topside's Ketch Me If You Can
    Topside's King Kismet
    Topside's Knockin' On Heaven's Door
    Topside's Kootenay Kokomo
    Topside's Kutie Ruby
    Topside's Kwinn Of The Korrotomman
    Zohar's At Long Last
    Zohar's Built To Last
    Zohar's Eigth Wonder Of The World
    Zohar's Fool Me Twice Shame On Me
    Zohar's Indigo Third Eye
    Zohar's Last But Not Least
    Zohar's Last Run
    Zohar's Last Voyage Destination Bela Vida
    Zohar's Last-Ing Legacy Of Success
    Zohar's Love Potion No. 9
    Zohar's Rocky Mountain High Five
    Zohar's Sea Dog 4 Sail
    Zohar's Septimo Because You Love Me
    Zohar's She's A Perfect Ten
    Zohar's Sophia's Sixth Sense
    Zohar's You Are The One

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