Rödtop Care-Er (Bambam Golden Water)
reg nr.: S45959/2003
DOB: June 12, 2003
Black & White - wavy
health stats:
Hips: HD A (FCI)
OptiGen prcd-PRA: B1
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: not tested
JDCM-cardio: not tested
Frozen semen available:
Marie Ekerljung - Sweden

 Barco Da Casa D'Alandra Hugo Do Monte Do Catula Grelo Da Casa Da Serra De Agua Booguie
 Dona Luva De Gifford
 Filomena Do Monte Do Catula Heitor Do Vale Negro
 Milu Ble Da Coimeira Iate D'Albergaria
 Julieta De Azambuja
 Bonequinha Major
 Estrela Do Vale Negro
 Rödtop Patsy Bar Cloé Pilutta Isostar's Chanty O'Coffee Chascade Nico D'Obra Do Vale Negro
 Eulalia Do Monte Do Catula
 Biley's Zesty Zombie Alstrum's Noivo E Baco Icko
 Biley's Underbara Yrla
 Biley's Anständiga Minette Biley's Zanslösa Dalton Alstrum's Noivo E Baco Icko
 Biley's Underbara Yrla
 Cartmel Sea-Symphony Devil De Alvalade At Appleacre
 Cartmel Sea-Boots

Happy, happy and happy. He loves life, people, dogs, just everything. Strong head and chest and he moves very well
he has 1. CERT


Crystal Kay
Kyrkjevegen 140
4327 Sandnes - Norway

phone: 0047 51629400
mail: crysl@online.no
website: Golden Water Kennel

No offspring found

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