Am. Ch.
Cartmel Sea Master
reg nr.: AKC WS21444102
DOB: September 11, 2006
Black - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Fair
OptiGen prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
EYES: PW 6120/2010--40
Frozen semen available:
Miss Pat Jones - England

 Cartmel Sea Goblet Cartmel The Seafarer Porão Do Vale Negro Cacau Do Vale Negro
 Galera Do Vale Negro
 Marinha Do Vale Negro Maré Do Vale Negro
 Hortense Do Zoo De Lisboa
 Cartmel Sea-Diver Cartmel The Fisherman Devil De Alvalade At Appleacre
 Dana De Alvalade At Appleacre
 Cartmel Sea-Boots Devil De Alvalade At Appleacre
 Dana De Alvalade At Appleacre
 Cartmel Sea Siren Cartmel The Seafarer Porão Do Vale Negro Cacau Do Vale Negro
 Galera Do Vale Negro
 Marinha Do Vale Negro Maré Do Vale Negro
 Hortense Do Zoo De Lisboa
 Cartmel Celebration Cartmel Sea Voyager Devil De Alvalade At Appleacre
 Dana De Alvalade At Appleacre
 Cartmel Masquerade Cartmel The Fisherman
 Cartmel Sea-Boots


Peggy Helming
150 Old Clinton Road
08822 Flemington, New Jersey - USA

phone: 908 788 4053
website: Pouch Cove

    Asta's Asgardian Glow Of Topnotch
    Asta's Catching Fire
    Asta's Fireball
    Asta's Fired Up And Ready To Go
    Asta's Girl On Fire
    Asta's Nyte Flyte
    Asta's Sunset Fire
    Bodacious Dog Of The Sea
    Cascade Aim True
    Cascade Commander Cody
    Cascade Emma
    Cascade Henry
    Cascade Higgins
    Cascade Mari
    Cascade Samuel
    Cascade Talula Jubilee
    Cascade Tidal Wave
    Cascade Tucker
    Claircreek Adorable Oreo
    Claircreek Columbusaquasbravas
    Claircreek Elegant Ivy
    Claircreek Opheliefleurdepluie
    Claircreek Reflets De Pissarro
    Claircreek Wistful Warren
    Cove End's Majestic-Mariner
    Cove's End First Mate
    Cove's End Magnificent Splash
    Cove's End Sea Captain
    Cove's End Sea Lady
    Cove's End Sea Maiden
    Cove's End Waves Of Delight
    Cutwater Blackbeard's Ghost
    Cutwater Calamity Jane
    Cutwater Sherwood Lost My Heart
    Cutwater Sherwood Phoebe's Apollo
    Cutwater Sherwood Phoebe's Drake
    Cutwater Sherwood Phoebe's Louie
    Cutwater Sherwood Phoebe's Mac
    Cutwater Sherwood Phoebi's Maizie
    Cutwater Son Of Liberty
    Cutwater Tess's Bandit
    Cutwater Tess's Maya
    Cutwater Tess's Nickel
    Cutwater Tess's Olive
    Dandelion's Black Magic
    Dandelion's California Dreamin'
    Dandelion's Free Bird
    Dandelion's Maxwell's Silver Hammer
    Dandelion's On An Even Keel
    Dandelion's Once In A Blue Moon
    Dandelion's Scarlet Ribbons In Her Hair
    Dandelion's She's Got Bette Davis Eyes
    Dandelion's Tequila Sunrise
    Dandelion's Wind In The Willow
    Del Sur Sea Mist
    Del Sur's Justa Little Tipsea
    Del Sur's Pepsea Please
    Del Sur's Sea Me Smile
    Del Sur's Seaclusion
    Del Sur's Seaduced By A Playbouy
    Keeva Bay Crimson Tide
    Keeva Bay Divine Ms Mango
    Keeva Bay's Black Pearl
    Keeva Bay's Leo The Lionheart
    Keeva Bay's Naughty Natasha
    Keeva Bay's Rocking To The Max
    Keeva Bay's Roxy Klein
    Odysea Sky Master Pouch Cove
    Odysea WS40425801
    Odysea WS40425802
    Odysea WS40425803
    Odysea WS40425806
    Odysea WS40425808
    Odysea WS40425809
    Odysea's Riding With The King
    Odyseas Araminta
    Odyseas Entropy
    Odyseas Izzy Blue Huff
    Odyseas Lady Luna Schillinger
    Odyseas Little Willow
    Odyseas Lucy Marinko
    Odyseas Murphy
    Odyseas Obi
    Odyseas Purple Addison
    Odyseas Reclining Buddha
    Odyseas Rylee Rainbow
    Odyseas Silly Rabbit
    Odyseas Take A Bow
    Odyseas Take A Number
    Odyseas Take Me Away
    Odyseas Tux
    Odyseas Winston Gerard The Fluffer Nutter
    Odyseas WS35888902
    Odyseas WS35888904
    Odyseas WS35888906
    Odyseas WS35888907
    Odyseas WS35888910
    Portia's Ace
    Portia's Spice Girl Lilly
    Pouch Core'Isabelle's Jersey Girl
    Pouch Cove Caribe
    Pouch Cove Gemini's Wet N Wild
    Pouch Cove Getting Busy At Sequel
    Pouch Cove WS24261003
    Pouch Cove WS24261004
    Pouch Cove WS26002104
    Pouch Cove WS26002107
    Pouch Cove WS27960501
    Pouch Cove WS27960504
    Pouch Cove WS27960507
    Pouch Cove WS35432508
    Pouch Cove WS35432509
    Pouch Cove's All About The Drama At Allegiance
    Pouch Cove's Bern Bear
    Pouch Cove's Bubba Blue
    Pouch Cove's Clever Clio
    Pouch Cove's Diminuicao De Taxa
    Pouch Cove's Gogo Girl
    Pouch Cove's Kono
    Pouch Cove's Masquerading At Allegiance
    Pouch Cove's Mizrahi
    Pouch Cove's Precious Moment
    Pouch Cove's Prince Henry
    Pouch Cove's Remington
    Pouch Cove's Rio Ronaldinho
    Pouch Cove's Sasha
    Pouch Cove's Sea Monkey
    Pouch Cove's Sea Squirt
    Pouch Cove's Sound Of The Sea
    Pouch Cove's Tempest Sea Change
    Pouch Coves Tempest Sea Me At Allegiance
    Ruff-Wave's Aretha Franklin
    Ruff-Wave's Astrud Gilberto
    Ruff-Wave's Billie Holiday
    Ruff-Wave's Buster Bailey
    Ruff-Wave's Charlie
    Ruff-Wave's Lena Horne
    Ruff-Wave's Miles Davis
    Ruff-Wave's Molly Gadd
    Ruff-Wave's Ray Charles
    Ruff-Wave's Thelonoius Monk
    Seashell's Mastermind
    Seashell's Masterpiece
    Seashell's Sailing Master
    Seashell's The Zen Master
    Winnie's Silly Little Love Song
    Wlaskwawetu's Carbon Copy

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