Am. Ch.
Pouch Cove's Patriot
reg nr.: AKC WR03869705
DOB: August 16, 2001
Black - curly
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good
OptiGen prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: not tested
Frozen semen available:
Peggy Helming - USA

 Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin Le Hi's Captain Midnight Le-Hi's Clown Prince Dakar Do Condinho
 Brinmar's Put'n On The Ritz
 Le-Hi's Recherche Of Tywater Le-Hi's Madeira Lancer
 Farmion Keel
 Sunnyhill Quiet Wind N Sails Le-Hi's Madeira Lancer Brinmar's Bear Of Camerell
 Brinmar's Nehi To Le-Hi
 Costa Azul Sophie's Choice Norvic's El Capitan
 Farmion Ilara Dejavu
 Pinehaven Primetime Pinehaven It Had To Be You Anacoves La Primera Samba White Cap Capitao Do Monab
 Camerell's Delta Dawn
 White Cap Graca Bravata Sumpwams Neptuno
 White Cap Deep Sea Courier
 Pinehaven Barqueiro's Starlet Bramerton Tristan Farmion Olhao
 Cartmel The Searcher
 Pinehaven's Ninfa Marinha Anacoves La Primera Samba
 White Cap Graca Bravata

USA Multiple Working Group Winner Sire of champions


Milan Lint
3116 Burnt House Hill Road
18902 Doylestown, Pennsylvania - USA

phone: 917 881 6438
website: Pouch Cove

    Cold Iron Apollo Of Salty Seas
    Cold Iron Dionysia Of Salty Seas
    Cold Iron Dionysus
    Cold Iron Persephone
    Cold Iron Poseidon Lisboa Cotton Matos
    Cold Iron's Pegasus
    Darbydale's All Dressed Up Pouch Cove
    Darbydale's Freestyle Pouch Cove
    Darbydale's Full Throttle Pouch Cove
    Darbydale's Just Peachy Pouch Cove
    Maratime's Perola Do Mar Do Gato
    Maratime's Reggie To The Rescue
    Maratime's Rocket Man Do Gato
    Maratime's Sophie Rose Do Gato
    Maratime's The Evolution Of Winston
    Maratime's Victor
    Pouch Cove Every Sailor's Dream
    Pouch Cove WS10726801
    Pouch Cove WS16496307
    Pouch Cove WS19709402
    Pouch Cove WS19709403
    Pouch Cove's Darbydale Incognito
    Pouch Cove's Darbydale Lagniape
    Pouch Cove's Henry
    Pouch Cove's In Stride
    Pouch Cove's Jaxson
    Pouch Cove's Jumbie's Islandboy
    Pouch Cove's Little Man
    Pouch Cove's Monkey Business
    Pouch Cove's Monkey See Monkey Do
    Pouch Cove's Monkey Woman
    Pouch Cove's Schiaparelli
    Pouch Cove's Simian Del Mar
    Pouch Cove's Stand and Deliver
    Pouch Cove's Underneath It All
    Pouch Cove's Woodley
    Pouch Coves Freedom Reigns
    Saltyseas Golden Touch Of Coldiron
    Sequel Bottom's Up Pouch Cove
    Sequel Party On Pouch Cove
    Sequel WS30233002

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