BIS BISS American & Canadian CH
Armada's Boatswain Helm's Alee
reg nr.: AKC WR012783/01
DOB: February 11, 2000
Black & White - curly
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good
OptiGen prcd-PRA: A1
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: not tested
EYES: PW-3921/2008--97
Frozen semen available: yes
Lana Jean Langley & Joanne Forsythe - Canada

 Armada's Captain Schroedinger Helm's Alee Red Right Return Thor Of Dell Mountain Charlie De Alvalade
 Isodora Do Mar
 Roughrider's Megan Of Jaisal Farmion Geo
 Camerell's Roughrider Seeley
 Rainha Encapelado Helms A'lee Glad Tidings Do Mar Baluarte De Alvalade
 Morena Do Mar
 Roughrider's Megan Of Jaisal Farmion Geo
 Camerell's Roughrider Seeley
 Sun Joy Helm's Alee Nina Armada Sun Joy's Guarda O'Mar Alto Magia Flor De Mar Baluarte De Alvalade
 Farmion Nascenca
 Kalinka Do Condinho Niquito Do Condinho
 Minx Do Condinho
 Sun Joy's Indecent Proposal Sun Joy's Classic Silver Fox Neocles Duke O'Sunjoy Whitecap
 Sun Joy's Alma
 Sun Joy's Absolut Fantasia Neocles Acabado
 Kalinka Do Condinho

Westminster 2003 Group winner, 2002&2003 AOM PWDCA Nationals BIS, BISS, multiple Breed & group winner.
Well muscled with substantial bone, Great movement, Lovely temperament& Sound working drive.
A wonderful representation of our breed. Proven producer, with frozen semen available.


Theresa Zorad
PO Box 12119
98508-2119 Olympia, Washington - USA

phone: 360-789-6412
website: Agua Dulce Kennels

    Adia Bay Beachbuoy Bold
    Adia Bay's Bold Boatswain's Mate
    Adia Bay's Breeze Right By
    Adia Bay's Cameo Appearance
    Adia Bay's Muddy Waters Impact
    Adia Bay's Shasta Wynn
    Adia Bay's Tidewater Courier
    Adia Bay's WS08792801
    Adia Bay's WS08792804
    Agua Duce's Last Jack Tar
    Agua Dulce Del Rio Big Hole
    Agua Dulce Del Rio Bogashel
    Agua Dulce Del Rio Breitenbush
    Agua Dulce Del Rio Colorado
    Agua Dulce Del Rio Cooper
    Agua Dulce Del Rio Kenai
    Agua Dulce Del Rio Torinada
    Agua Dulce Del Rio Wailua
    Agua Dulce Saffron Star Of The West
    Agua Dulce WS11524402
    Agua Dulce WS11524403
    Agua Dulce WS11524405
    Agua Dulce WS11524406
    Agua Dulce WS11524407
    Agua Dulce WS11524408
    Agua Dulce WS11524409
    Agua Dulce' Del Islabella
    Agua Dulce's Allspice Magic Dory
    Agua Dulce's Bay Leaf Reflection
    Agua Dulce's Bella's Last Twilight
    Agua Dulce's Canela Mia
    Agua Dulce's Cardimon Monee
    Agua Dulce's Coriander Bay
    Agua Dulce's Dashing Landshark
    Agua Dulce's False Echoes
    Agua Dulce's Filha Britannia
    Agua Dulce's Fresh Dill Weed
    Agua Dulce's Great Heart
    Agua Dulce's Jetty's Last Dance
    Agua Dulce's Jetty's Last Tango
    Agua Dulce's Kon-Tiki
    Agua Dulce's Last Call
    Agua Dulce's Last Chance Skylar
    Agua Dulce's Last Commandor
    Agua Dulce's Last Diva Joy
    Agua Dulce's Last Master Jaeger
    Agua Dulce's Last Nadador
    Agua Dulce's Last Starry Night
    Agua Dulce's Licorice Lisbon
    Agua Dulce's Mac & Cheese Burger
    Agua Dulce's Old Bay Cap'N Turco
    Agua Dulce's One Particular Harbor
    Agua Dulce's Sail On Sailor
    Agua Dulce's Sea Cruise
    Agua Dulce's Shadon Bene
    Agua Dulce's Sir Pepper Jet Stahla
    Agua Dulce's Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
    Agua Dulce's Summer August Moon
    Agua Dulce's Tailr Thyme To Sail
    Agua Dulce's Tiki Bar Is Open
    Agua Viva WS12504701
    Agua Viva WS12504702
    Agua Viva WS12504704
    Agua Viva's Loki
    Agua Viva's Lola
    Agua Viva's Queen Zenobia
    Alto Mare Bella Mistica
    Alto Mare Mistical Boatswain
    Alto Mare WS06732502
    Alto Mare WS06732503
    Alto Mare WS06732504
    Britannia WS05096004
    Britannia's Commander Oblio
    Britannia's Hurricane Isabel
    Britannia's Nike's Echo
    Britannias Chomper
    Dogato Lola Bonita De Menina
    Dogato's Abby's Time To Tango
    Dogato's Cha Cha One Hot Number
    Dogato's Lillian Cha Cha
    Dogato's Mamboon Doug's Beach
    Dogato's Princess Sara Samba
    Dogato's Rodney Does The Macarena
    Dogato's Walter Barononlanier
    Hobbes Stargazer Jaimewerner
    Mystical Altomare Bangkok
    Mystical Altomare Brazil
    Pouch Cove's Britannia
    Stargaze's Luna Sea
    Stargazer Bang Bang Blaze Jr
    Stargazer Cool Beans To Port
    Stargazer Fashionette Kc
    Stargazer Indy On Starboard
    Stargazer's Black Gem
    Stargazer's Esperanza
    Stargazer's Rising Sun
    Stargazer's She's The One
    Tanaki Shakira
    Tanaki's Billie Holiday
    Tanaki's Carrera
    Tanaki's Elton
    Tanaki's Lil'Diva At Commocean
    Tanaki's Tina
    Tanaki's U Too
    Tanaki's Usher
    Tanaki's Whitney
    Vindouro's Bag Of Tricks
    Vindouro's Best Foot Forward
    Vindouro's Big Break
    Vindouro's Bling Bling
    Vindouro's Bright And Early
    Vindouro's Burst With Joy
    Vindouro's By All Means
    Vinduro's Be All N End All
    Yaquina Bay Gabriela Evadora
    Yaquina Bay Gem Of The Waves
    Yaquina Bay Grande Sailor Dos Mare
    Yaquina Bay Gusty Wind 'N Wave
    Yaquina Bay WS16013002
    Yaquina Bay WS16013003
    Yaquina Bay WS16013005
    Yaquina Bay's Busy Miss Breezy

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