Go And Win Be A Lucky Star
reg nr.: VDH 09/117 0161
DOB: May 20, 2009
Black & White - curly
health stats:
Hips: HD B (FCI)
OptiGen prcd-PRA: not tested, but Optigen A by parents
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal by parents
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal) by parents
EYES: 15.October.2010
Frozen semen available:
Silke Hirtz-Schmidt - Germany

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Diabo is a sweet, happy boy, very nice character and he loves everyone. He is almost square, has a beautiful head and the typical curly hair with clusters.


Silke Hirtz-Schmidt
Hoernerhok 11
48734 Reken, - Germany

mail: caodeagua@web.de
website: Go and Win

    Água e Fogo Amora Diego
    Água e Fogo Amora Faro
    Água e Fogo Amora Fee
    Água e Fogo Amora Felicidade
    Água e Fogo Amora Filipe
    Água e Fogo Amora Leticia
    Água e Fogo Amora Luana
    Água e Fogo Amora Pio
    Água e Fogo Amora Seda
    Água e Fogo Amora Sito
    Água e Fogo Amora Sol
    Água e Fogo Amora Terra
    Cão Luz Del Sol Adana Nova Estrela
    Cão Luz Del Sol Adona Nova Estrela
    Cão Luz Del Sol Aimee Nova Estrela
    Cão Luz Del Sol Ana Nova Estrela
    Cão Luz Del Sol Anjo Nova Estrela
    Cão Luz Del Sol Anjouli Nova Estrela
    Cão Luz Del Sol Arcelino Nova Estrela
    Dario Con Zapatos Blanka Vom Steinernen Garten
    Dayani Acastanhar Vom Steinernen Garten
    Delia Caracao Vivo Vom Steinernen Garten
    Dina Choco Vom Steinernen Garten
    Diva Dupla Chocolate Vom Steinernen Garten
    Djabo Black Curly Vom Steinernen Garten
    Django O'Unico Vom Steinernen Garten
    Go and Win He's a Rebell
    Go and Win Heart of a Lion
    Go and Win Heart of Gold
    Go and Win Heatwave Juno
    Go and Win Helmsman
    Go and Win Here for You
    Go and Win Here I Come
    Go and Win Hoola Huup
    Go and Win Hot N' Spicy
    Go and Win Hurricane
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    Go And Win I Have A Dream
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