Questar's Thunder and Lightning
reg nr.: AKC WR023076/01
DOB: April 22, 2001
Black - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good
OptiGen prcd-PRA: A1
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
EYES: PW-4061/2011--121
Frozen semen available: yes
Marilyn Rimmer - USA

 Pinehaven The Pretender Pinehaven It Had To Be You Anacoves La Primera Samba White Cap Capitao Do Monab
 Camerell's Delta Dawn
 White Cap Graca Bravata Sumpwams Neptuno
 White Cap Deep Sea Courier
 Pinehaven Barqueiro's Starlet Bramerton Tristan Farmion Olhao
 Cartmel The Searcher
 Pinehaven's Ninfa Marinha Anacoves La Primera Samba
 White Cap Graca Bravata
 Questar's Athena Nike Seabreeze Dream Weaver Anacoves La Primera Samba White Cap Capitao Do Monab
 Camerell's Delta Dawn
 White Cap Dama Of Neocles Alfama Uberrimo Of Regala
 Keel Beleza
 Questar's Aldebaran Trezena Benquisto Coracao Navio
 Trezena Meia Praia
 Weathervane's Preitu Cereias Keel Tonel
 Pequena Princesa Do Mar

Rascal is the 2003, 2004 and 2005 PWDCA National Specialty Best of Breed winner. He is also a Best In Show winner in an All Breed Dog Show. A real stallion of a dog!!!


Marilyn Rimmer
La Jolla, California - USA

mail: questark@gmail.com
website: Questar PWDs

    Amigo's Bit Of Ireland
    Amigo's Blarney Stone
    Amigo's Dancin' A Jig
    Amigo's Danny Boy
    Amigo's Emerald Isle
    Amigo's Murphy's Law
    Amigo's Phineas Finn
    Amigo's Top O' The Mornin'
    Amigo's Wearin O' The Green
    Barco Hi Seas Just A Whistling Dixie
    Barco WS26201603
    Barco WS26201607
    Barco's A Moment In Time
    Barco's Ava
    Barco's Bug A Boo
    Bontiac's Barata Bembo
    Bontiac's Barata Bodoni
    Bontiac's Barato Baskerville
    Breakwater WS22731903
    Breakwater WS22731904
    Breakwater WS22731905
    Breakwater WS22731906
    Breakwater's Bailey's Comet
    Breakwater's Bellini
    Breakwater's Brandyalexander
    Breakwater's Calypso Maitai
    Breakwater's Spirits Bay
    Breakwaters Rumrunner
    Cascade Cachorro Dalia Dos Lagos
    Cascade Cachorro Jardin De Flores
    Cascade Capt'N Lily
    Cascade Cara Mia
    Cascade Cee Deeogee
    Cascade Cee Estella
    Cascade Cee Masseto
    Cascade Cee Sophie
    Cascade Cruising Bosun's Dream
    Cosmos 2005-08-28 pup 1
    Cosmos 2005-08-28 pup 10
    Cosmos 2005-08-28 pup 2
    Cosmos 2005-08-28 pup 3
    Cosmos 2005-08-28 pup 4
    Cosmos 2005-08-28 pup 5
    Cosmos 2005-08-28 pup 6
    Cosmos 2005-08-28 pup 7
    Cosmos 2005-08-28 pup 8
    Cosmos 2005-08-28 pup 9
    Cosmos Miss O
    Dacher WS27590202
    Dacher WS27590204
    Dacher WS27590205
    Dacher WS27590206
    Dacher's Bentley Alexander Darby Sheridan
    Dacher's Go For The Gold
    Dacher's Guido
    Dacher's Jack
    Dacher's Mia
    Dacher's Ocean Odyssey
    Dacher's Red Boy
    Dacher's Rocky
    Dacher's The Great Guido
    Deerpark A Senhora Do Mar
    Deerpark Bella Rae Siragusa
    Deerpark Betcha My Socks
    Deerpark Deerpark Bella Chiang
    Deerpark Four On The Floor
    Deerpark Four Star Revue
    Deerpark Thats My Boy Baxter
    Deerpark WS09458805
    Deerpark Yogie Girl
    Deleao's Legend Of Breakwater
    Driftwood's Gidget's Beachparty
    Driftwood's It Sounds Like Rain
    Driftwood's Mirage Can'T Stop The Rain
    Driftwood's Stole Your Thunder
    Fishbay's Andrew Jackson
    Fishbay's Batholomeu Diaz
    Fishbay's Faith Hope And Love
    Fishbay's James Madison
    Fishbay's Joao Zarco
    Fishbay's John F. Kennedy
    Fishbay's John Quincey Adams
    Fishbays George Washington Am.Porter
    Fishbays Thomas Romeo Jefferson
    Hallmark Motion In The O Sean
    Hallmark O Sean Breeze
    Hallmark O Sean Rain
    Hallmark Pinky Schooner
    Hallmark WS33212502
    Hallmark WS33212503
    Hallmark WS33212504
    Hallmark WS33212506
    Hallmark WS33212509
    Hanna Bella
    Ikon Dreams Really Do Come True
    Ikon Dreamweaver At Bjorklundens Helgon
    Ikon Holding Tight To My Dream
    Ikon Schooner's Bay Dori
    Ikon The Dream You Dare To Dream
    Ikon Time Bandit
    Keepsake Bridonport Beachboy
    Keepsake Ringo Star Scharf
    Keepsake's Beautiful Flower
    Keepsake's Birthday Surprise
    Keepsake's Lightning Strikes
    Keepsake's Rascal's Boy
    Keepsake's Reese Lightning
    Keepsake's Yogi Bates
    Mirage Driftwood's Rain Check
    Mirage WS23533404
    Mirage WS23533406
    Mirage WS23533407
    Mirage's First Rain
    Mirage's Rain On The Horizon
    Mirage's Rider On The Storm
    Mr Rowdy Man
    Mtnson's Always Heavenly
    Mtnson's Always My State Of Bliss
    Mtnson's Always The Wise Girl
    Mystical Cape Isabel
    Mystical Cape Of Good Hope
    Mystical Cape Orlando
    Mystical Cape St Charles
    Mystical Cape Victory
    Navegar Black Tie Affair
    Navegar Brown Sugar
    Navegar Deep Blue Sea
    Navegar Golden Oppurtunity
    Navegar Lady In Red
    Navegar Lavendar Fields Forever
    Navegar Pretty In Pink
    Navegar Silver Lining
    Navegar Sweet Cherry Wine
    Navegar Yellow Rose
    Odysea Earth Wind And Fire
    Odysea WS22423603
    Odysea WS22423604
    Odysea WS22423607
    Odysea WS22423608
    Odysea WS22423609
    Odyseas Annie
    Odyseas Finn
    Poseidon Barco
    Questar WS38010402
    Questar's Aphrodite's Muse O'Sirensong
    Questar's Aurora Borealis
    Questar's Blitzen Trapper At Rustyco
    Questar's By Donder En Bliksem
    Questar's Clarisse
    Questar's Cupid Take Flight
    Questar's Fenway Blue
    Questar's Healy's Comet
    Questar's Leo's Comet
    Questar's Let The Sun Shine At Go And Win
    Questar's Look What The Wind Blew In
    Questar's Milkyway Mahem
    Questar's Mystical Sailor
    Questar's Oh My Darlin'
    Questar's Out of the Blue
    Questar's Over The Moon
    Questar's Penny's From Heaven
    Questar's Princess Andromeda
    Questar's Rebellious Sounds Of Thunder
    Questar's Rolling Thunder
    Questar's Sky Spirit
    Questar's Sky's The Limit
    Questar's Skyler
    Questar's Taken By A Storm
    Questar's Vivacious Vixen
    Questar's Zepher
    Questar'Saegir De La Playa
    Raffles 2006-11-06 pup 1
    Raffles 2006-11-06 pup 2
    Raffles 2006-11-06 pup 3
    Raffles 2006-11-06 pup 4
    Raffles 2006-11-06 pup 5
    Raffles 2006-11-06 pup 6
    Raffles Celestial Navigator
    Raffles Charlie The Great
    Raffles CKC Litter #NN1063998 M
    Raffles Holly And Ivy
    Raffles Plainly Pouch Cove
    Raffles Rainmaker
    Raffles Water Witch
    Regina Waterlilly At Surfrider
    Regina WS10864301
    Regina WS10864302
    Regina WS10864303
    Regina WS10864304
    Regina WS10864306
    Regina WS10864307
    Regina WS10864308
    Regina WS10864309
    Regina WS10864310
    Regina WS10864312
    Regina WS10864314
    Regina WS10864315
    Regina WS10864316
    Regina WS10864318
    Regina WS10864320
    Regina's Manuel Pereira
    Reginas Night Tornado
    Reginas Thunderhead
    Riverdog Queen Of Mischief & Mayhem
    Riverdog Thunder On The Rocks
    Riverdog To Sir With Love
    Riverdog Trulee Gonloco
    Riverdog WS31753703
    Riverdog WS31753704
    Riverdog WS31753705
    Riverdog WS31753706
    Riverdog WS31753707
    Riverdog WS31753708
    Riverdog WS31753709
    Riverdog WS33843601
    Riverdog WS33843603
    Riverdog WS33843607
    Riverdog's Our Gang Alfalfa
    Riverdog's Spank Me Baby
    Roxy Bleser Miller
    Ruff-Wave's Concordia
    Ruff-Wave's Coronet
    Ruff-Wave's Grateful Dead
    Ruff-Wave's Sea Smoke
    Ruff-Wave's White Diamonds
    Rustyco Cape Mystical
    Sea Omega Best Of Aura
    Sea Omega Best Of Aurora
    Sea Omega Best Of Cardea
    Sea Omega Best Of Chione
    Sea Omega Best Of Hera
    Sea Omega Best Of Indra
    Sea Omega Best Of Sobo
    Sea Omega Best Of Zephyrus
    Sea Omega Best Of Zeus
    Seafever Mutiny On The Bounty
    Seafever Rio Doughboy
    Seaisle Captain Jack Sparrow
    SeaIsle Captain Morgan
    SeaIsle Diamond Smuggler
    Seaisle Edward England
    SeaIsle El Pescador
    Seaisle Jorge O Rei Do Pirata
    Seaisle Mac Conroy
    Seaisle Tampa Buccaneer
    Surf's Up Big Kahuna
    Toraq's I Will Rain On Your Parade
    Vindouro's A Bed Of Roses
    Vindouro's A Chip Off The Old Block
    Vindouro's A Lick And A Promise
    Vindouro's A Piece Of The Action
    Vindouro's A Rush In Rio
    Vindouro's A Sea Of Possibilities
    Vindouro's A Sight For Sore Eyes
    Vindouro's A Window Of Opportunity
    Vindouro's A Work Of Art

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