Deewal Oreo Speedwagon Aries
reg nr.: AKC WR000705/05
DOB: October 11, 2000
Black & White - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good
OptiGen prcd-PRA: A1
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
IC: Carrier
EYES: PW-3951/2008--90
Frozen semen available:
Claire McLean - USA

 Deewal Cry Meeariver Farmion The Bismark Rebento Don Carlos Ilara Rio
 Rebento Cinza
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 Rimski's Wave Hunter

Oreo is a beautiful wavy boy, 21-1/2" tall, with sound temperament. His white is bright white. He is a very affectionate, mild dog, yet a hard-working agility champion.


Nigel J. Clark
Elkhart, Indiana - USA

mail: nigel@oreobay.com
website: OreoBay PWDs

    Amazing Grace The Pride Of Eastshore
    Angus Hansell Piccini
    ClasSea Big Star
    ClasSea Down The Road
    ClasSea Dreams
    ClasSea Life Is Good
    ClasSea She's Got It All
    ClasSea Soul Of Sailor Oreobay
    ClasSea Spirit Of A Storm
    ClasSea The Good Stuff
    D'Lite Jackson Joseph Brown
    Double D'Frisco Of Rockhill
    Eastshore WS16051001
    Eastshore WS16051002
    Eastshore WS16051003
    Eastshore WS16051004
    Eastshore WS16051007
    Eastshore WS16051008
    Eastshore's Son Of Oreo Bay
    Fox Isle Blackberry Wine
    Grady White
    Hat Trick Fujian White Crane
    Hat Trick Tn White Lightning
    Hat Trick White Diamonds
    Hat Trick White Jade
    Hat Trick White Knight
    Hat Trick White Sadie Jackson
    Hat Trick White Sir Wilson
    Hat Trick White Spats And Arrow Collars
    Hat Trick White Wing
    Hat Trick WS35865504
    Isostar's Smilla Speed Star
    Isostar's St. Snoopdogg
    Isostar's Strighte Stig
    Isostar's Super Sia
    Isostar's Super Star
    Kimlyn Call Me Albert
    Kimlyn Call Me Aloysius
    Kimlyn Call Me Animation
    Kimlyn Call Me Archie
    Kimlyn I M Alice
    Kimlyn I M Aretha
    Kimlyn I M Arthur
    Kimlyn Nobreza Champagne Brunch
    Kimlyn Nobreza Vintage Champagne
    Liberty's Pride Blue
    Liberty's Pride Donzi
    Liberty's Pride Lovely Lola
    Liberty's Pride On A Dory Ride
    Liberty's Pride Pepper
    Marshview Elokivis Rocks
    Marshview WS13802803
    Marshview WS13802804
    Marshview WS13802806
    Marshview's Elegant Stardust
    Marshview's Elton Forever Cabo
    Marshview's Eva Line To Shore
    Momma's Mud Puppy
    Nobreza Kimlyn Champagne N Cavier
    Nobreza Kimlyn Champagne N Kisses
    Oreobay AJ Safe At First
    Oreobay Alot More Action
    Oreobay American Soldier
    Oreobay Blue Heaven Rendezvous
    Oreobay Brown Eyed Girl CC
    Oreobay Classea Wild Ride
    Oreobay Don'T Stop Believin'
    Oreobay Hoosier Daddy
    Oreobay How Do You Like Me Now
    Oreobay I Wanna Talk About Me
    Oreobay Island Boy Max D'Lite
    Oreobay Itsall About The Water
    Oreobay Just .A Classea Kid
    Oreobay Licensed to Chill
    Oreobay Little Miss Magic
    Oreobay Mermaid in the Night
    Oreobay Mighty White Sox
    Oreobay Prince of Tides
    Oreobay Put It On The Board
    Oreobay Rockhill's Beach Boy
    Oreobay She's Perfect
    OreoBay Sonofa Sonofa Sailor
    Oreobay Sonrise Of Rockhill
    Oreobay Sweep Dreams Baby
    Oreobay Turbo Scotty Podz
    Rockhill WS06050108
    Rockhill WS06050109
    Rockhill WS06050110
    Rockhill WS06050111
    Rockhill WS06050112
    Rockhill WS06050113
    Rockhill WS06050114
    Rockhill WS06050115
    Rockhill's Frisco
    Rockhill's Lovee
    Rockhill's Surfer Girl Alicia
    Rockhill's Winnie
    Rockhills River Valley Boy
    Shaymar Alice
    Shaymar Makade Anang
    Shaymar Master Graham Cracker
    Shaymar Maxwell Baetis
    Shaymar Midnight Melody
    Shaymar Midnight Rosie Noelle
    Shaymar Mr Happy Days Fonzi
    Shaymar Muppet Girl Zoe
    Starlite's Isabella Of Spring Meadows
    Starlite's You Spice Up My Life

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