UK Champion
Gemson Orpheus at Proform
reg nr.: AG00306707
DOB: December 04, 2005
Brown - wavy
health stats:
Hips: other UK KC/BVA 6:6
OptiGen prcd-PRA: not tested, but Optigen B by parents
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: not tested
JDCM-cardio: not tested
Frozen semen available:
Jayne Johns - England

 Konkkaronkan Finnish Dream At Gemson American Dancer's Flying Dutchman Sun Joy's Guarda O'Mar Alto Magia Flor De Mar
 Kalinka Do Condinho
 Scrimshaw's Fire Dancer Pennrico's Partial Eclipse
 Scrimshaw's Silver Lining
 Yelsek Mary Celeste At Gemson Cartmel The Seafarer Porão Do Vale Negro
 Marinha Do Vale Negro
 Rarjo Brown Girl In The Ring Bregantia Captains Mate
 Elmley Sailing Home To Rarjo
 Glenwhin Gabriela At Gemson Grandways Fire Water At Gemson Glenwhin Cafezinho At Gemson Batel De Alvalade
 Josefina De Azambuja At Glenwhin
 Elmley Muddy Waters At Grandways Bregantia Sea Voyager At Elmley
 Zoflora Quarteira At Elmley
 Gemson Alexis At Glenwhin Cartmel The Seafarer Porão Do Vale Negro
 Marinha Do Vale Negro
 Gemsons Demelza Glenwhin Cafezinho At Gemson
 Glenwhin Bequadro (At Gemson)

Arnie is a high drive with attitude dog but extremely obedient and a joy to work in agility. Always happy and always up for anything that comes his way.


Jayne Johns
Mulberry Cottage - Walton Road Marshland St James Wisbech Cambs
PE14 8DP - England

phone: +44 (0) 1945 430139
website: Gemson PWDs

    Auldhelm Chocolate Chip
    Auldhelm Coffee Liqueur
    Auldhelm Debutante
    Auldhelm Dusky Maiden
    Auldhelm Masquerade
    Auldhelm Nelly Nutmeg
    Auldhelm Penny Black
    Auldhelm Special Effect
    Auldhelm Sweet Talking Guy
    Auldhelm Sweet Talking Guy
    Auldhelm Treacle Truffle
    Gemson Saladin
    Gemson Santiago
    Gemson Sebalias
    Gemson Sirius
    Gemson Solvinho
    Gemson Sonata
    Gemson Symphony Among Auldhelm

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