Aarion's Delorean Of Deblon
reg nr.: AKC WS20646001
DOB: January 13, 2007
Brown - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good
OptiGen prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
EYES: PW6506
Frozen semen available:
David Buchheit & Dr. Linda Fowler - USA

 Aarion Backtothe Future Deblon Tesouro Da Fazenda Kulu Cocoaport's Black Joe Magia Flor De Mar
 Cocoaport's Doce Marguerite
 Cocoaport's Sorrisa Dansa Charlie De Alvalade
 Cocoaport's Doce Marguerite
 Aarion's Billie Jean Deewal Intrepid Pennrico's Partial Eclipse
 Deewal Knollcrest Jocketa
 Aarion's Just Steppin' Out Robel Christopher Robin
 Cocoaport's Aveludado Aarion
 Nautique Moonlight At Aarion Aarionturnaroundhighwood Robel Christopher Robin Cutwater's I'm BJ Of Robel
 Truewinds Arrow Of Cutwater
 Cocoaport's Aveludado Aarion Cocoaport's Aga Erre Maniaco
 Cocoaport's Sol Resplendar
 Nautique's Dynasty Sunsation Del Sur's Blakley At Fairwind Cutwater's Diamante
 Farmion Ilara Dejavu
 Nautique's Waterford Crystal Farmion Helmsman
 Farmion Phlash

Beautiful Balanced male. UKC CH that is working on his AKC CH.


David Buchheit
3710 15th Ave SW
34117 Naples, Florida - USA

phone: 513-542-3212
mail: aarionpwd@juno.com
website: Aarion's PWDs

    Aarion WS42719402
    Aarion WS42732202
    Aarion WS42732204
    Aarion WS42732206
    Aarion WS50604701
    Aarion WS50604703
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    Aarion's Dodger Beattie
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    Aarion's Hogan
    Aarion's Jaggery Tatelman
    Aarion's Jamie's Wings For Our Bria
    Aarion's Karina
    Aarion's Kookoo For Cocoa Pups Of Deblon
    Aarion's Kooper Kan
    Aarion's Maybelline Puddle Jumper
    Aarion's Miss Molly Rose
    Aarion's Partial Eclipse Of The Heart At Deblon
    Aarion's Peppers
    Aarion's Princess Lillie
    Aarion's Rainha Do Mar
    Aarion's Rio Madmax Mahan
    Aarion's Sailor At The Helm
    Aarion's Sebastian
    Aarion's WS30885003
    Aarion's WS30885005
    Aarion's WS30885006
    Aarion's WS30885007
    Aarion's WS30885008
    Aarion's WS34162401
    Aarion's WS34162402
    Aarion's WS34162404
    Aarion's WS34162406
    Aarion's WS34162407
    Aarion's WS34162409
    Aarion's WS34947203
    Aarion's WS34947207
    Aarion's WS34947208
    Aarion's WS43713103
    Aarion's WS44825502
    Aarion's WS44825504
    Aarion's WS44825505
    Blue Run's Fixing To Win
    Deblon WS33556602
    Deblon WS33556603
    Deblon WS33556604
    Deblon WS33556605
    Deblon WS39490402
    Deblon's Chip Shot At Ridgehaven
    Deblon's Swan Song Aarion
    Deblon's Thinking Oreo Delight
    Deblon's Why You Gotta Be So Mean Aarion
    Kitty Magnoon Jones
    Ondakina's Birth Of Venus
    Ondakina's Breezing Up
    Ondakina's Fortune Teller
    Ondakina's Mona Lisa
    Ondakina's Night Watch Tallyraggat
    Ondakina's Starry Starry Night
    Ondakina's Triumph Of Galatea
    Ridgehaven's Deblon Of Aarion
    Ridgehaven's Dharma De L'Azure
    Ridgehaven's Haliburton
    Ridgehaven's Levi Blue
    Ridgehaven's Lorenzo
    Ridgehaven's Oscar The Crouch
    Ridgehaven's Tasman Gigondas
    Ridgehaven's Violet Hanna
    Sea Dog Bodie
    Sea Dog Dread Pirate Roberts

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