Sorte Segundo At Deerchase
reg nr.: AKC WS09770112
DOB: August 02, 2004
Black - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good
OptiGen prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
EYES: PW-EYE1088/119M-PI
Frozen semen available:
Margaret White - USA

 Watermark Toby's Black Jack Keel Tonel Febo Do Al Gharb Ló Algarbiorum
 Espada Algarbiorum
 Spindrift Keel Ancora Do Al-Gharb
 Farmion Alfambra
 Cartmel Two If By Sea Cartmel The Fisherman Devil De Alvalade At Appleacre
 Dana De Alvalade At Appleacre
 Cartmel Sea-Boots Devil De Alvalade At Appleacre
 Dana De Alvalade At Appleacre
 Ferncliff Waterbound Sprite Cartmel The Bismark Porão Do Vale Negro Cacau Do Vale Negro
 Galera Do Vale Negro
 Marinha Do Vale Negro Maré Do Vale Negro
 Hortense Do Zoo De Lisboa
 Ferncliff Ravishing Raven Brieah's Mississippi Gambler Neocles Acabado
 Neocles Heleborinha Of Brio
 Riverrun Apple Of My Eye Neocles Acabado
 Regala's My Whitecap Riverrun

Black wavy with a wonderful head and substantial bone which he passes on to his get. Has a good working attitude.


Margaret White
4240 Bob Godfrey Road
30605 Athens, Georgia - USA

phone: 706-546-8530

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