American CH
Agua Viva's Moonlight Sonata
reg nr.: AKC WR073704/05
DOB: September 4, 2002
White & Black - wavy
health stats:
Hips: OFA Good
OptiGen: A1
GM-1: N99
JDCM-cardio: not tested
CERF: PW-4446/2006--49
Frozen semen available:
Rosanne, Lorri, and Art Cherkinsky - USA

 Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin Le Hi's Captain Midnight Le-Hi's Clown Prince Dakar Do Condinho
 Brinmar's Put'n On The Ritz
 Le-Hi's Recherche Of Tywater Le-Hi's Madeira Lancer
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 Sunnyhill Quiet Wind N Sails Le-Hi's Madeira Lancer Brinmar's Bear Of Camerell
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 Seastar Stonehollow Bolhobo Regalas Seastar Diamond Chip
 Seastar Angelica
 Timber Oaks Indigo Warrior Le-Hi's Madeira Lancer Brinmar's Bear Of Camerell
 Brinmar's Nehi To Le-Hi
 Eastlake Delilah Weathervane Eastlake Slam'r
 Stephanie Do Condinho

Sunny is a proven, 21.5 inch, 53 pound wavy parti-color male. He is a Taylor grandson and a Benjamin son. He loves playing with toys, people and doing therapy work. Sunny carries the gene for parti-color, irish marked and silver fox. He is currently continuing his training in obedience and Rally obedience.


Rosanne & Lorri Cherkinsky
707 Lehigh Drive
48820 Dewitt, Michigan - USA

phone: 517-614-8484
website: Agua Viva PWDs

    Aarion's Cao Madeira Of Seabrook
    Aarion's Lucy Mae Schamburg
    Aarion's Manchado Sombra
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    Agua Viva WS25399901
    Agua Viva WS25399904
    Agua Viva WS25399907
    Agua Viva WS31068201
    Agua Viva WS31068202
    Agua Viva WS31068206
    Agua Viva WS37184001
    Agua Viva WS37184003
    Agua Viva WS37184005
    Agua Viva WS37184006
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    Agua Viva's Cody Wody Woods
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    Agua Viva's Gabriella La Deliziosa
    Agua Viva's Gabrielle's Last Dance
    Agua Viva's Grade A Marinheiro
    Agua Viva's Jonas
    Agua Viva's Ralphie
    Agua Viva's Sadie Maia
    Agua Viva's Song Of The Sea
    Agua Viva's Sophia Loren Woods
    Agua Viva's Splash Of D'Lite
    Blue Run's Baldassare Ferri
    Blue Run's Beverly Sills
    Blue Run's Jenny Lind
    Blue Run's Lily Dons
    Blue Run's N Ellie Melba
    Calixto Paco
    D'Lite Blanca Rose
    D'Lite Blaze Of Roaring Lake
    D'Lite Capitao Mancha
    D'Lite Dockside Debut
    D'Lite Grove Is In The Paiva
    D'Lite Shadow
    D'Lite Sophie
    D'Lite WS15907001
    D'Lite WS15907002
    D'Lite WS15907003
    D'Lite WS15907006
    D'Lite WS21438902
    D'Lite WS21438904
    D'Lite WS21438906
    Graca De Deus
    Marshview Family Dog
    Marshview Flashy Niko Fairman
    Marshview Fransonata Izabella
    Marshview Murphy Stuart Larson
    Marshview Osborns Sweet Freedom
    Marshview WS16867004
    Marshview WS16867007
    Marshview's Federal Case
    Marshview's Flask O' Kendall Jackson
    Nightskye Come Blow Your Horn
    Nightskye Dance Over The River
    Nightskye Firststar Of Aguawood
    Nightskye Lil Lamzy Divey
    NightSkye Luz Da Lua Bars
    Nightskye Luz Da Lua Damka
    Nightskye Luz Da Lua Krasavka
    Nightskye Luz Da Lua Ugolek
    Nightskye Luz Da Lua Veterok
    Nightskye Luz De Lua Laika
    Nightskye Man In The Moon
    Nightskye Old King Cole
    Nightskye Pocket Fulla Posies
    Nightskye Ship A Sailing
    NightSkye Starlight Starbright
    Nightskye This Old Man
    Patriot's At Liberty
    Patriot's Born To Run
    Patriot's By Golly Miss Molly
    Patriot's Chase D. Puck
    Patriot's Ride The Wave
    Patriot's Summertime Dream
    SailorMoon 2006/04/23 (1)
    SailorMoon 2006/04/23 (2)
    SailorMoon 2006/04/23 (3)
    SailorMoon 2006/04/23 (4)
    SailorMoon 2006/04/23 (5)
    SailorMoon 2007-12-20 pup 11
    SailorMoon 2007-12-20 pup 12
    SailorMoon Got A Crush On You
    SailorMoon Queen Of The Lakes
    SailorMoon Sirius Bos'un Mate
    SailorMoon's Be Prepared
    SailorMoon's Beaming Hero
    SailorMoon's Blow Your Horn
    SailorMoon's Captain Hook
    SailorMoon's Captain William
    SailorMoon's Chica Rizada
    SailorMoon's Detroit Leao
    SailorMoon's Driftwood
    SailorMoon's Edge Of The Ocean
    SailorMoon's Girl Of Greese
    SailorMoon's Halleluyah Burke
    SailorMoon's Highland Prince
    SailorMoon's Ishca Baha
    SailorMoon's Jersey Girl
    SailorMoon's Lewis Lefave
    SailorMoon's Lilypad
    SailorMoon's Lucy In The Sky
    SailorMoon's Maxwell Heath
    SailorMoon's Murphy
    SailorMoon's Oh Behave
    SailorMoon's Prince Of Tides
    SailorMoon's Queen Of Hearts
    SailorMoon's Refreshing Spirit
    SailorMoon's Rosebud
    SailorMoon's Spirit Of The Ark
    SailorMoon's Sunny One So True
    SailorMoon's Turbo
    SailorMoon's Zoe At The River
    Timber Oaks All Bets On Betty
    Timber Oaks Archimedes Bay
    Timber Oaks Auggie Doggie
    Timber Oaks Barbie Sophia Blue
    Timber Oaks Blizzard Storm
    Timber Oaks Capt Jack Sparrow
    Timber Oaks Corvette Classic
    Timber Oaks Dolly Madison
    Timber Oaks Duncan
    Timber Oaks Fiver
    Timber Oaks Gypsy Rosa Lee
    Timber Oaks Harry
    Timber Oaks Ka Lua Of Ceeanjel
    Timber Oaks Krystal Gale
    Timber Oaks Music Man
    Timber Oaks Pride Of The Parti
    Timber Oaks Quincy Jones
    Timber Oaks Rowdy Estabon Carbeck
    Timber Oaks Sir Rudolph Walter Sutton
    Timber Oaks Sophie Belle
    Timber Oaks Totaly Tiffany
    Timber Oaks WS11408903
    Timber Oaks WS11408906
    Timber Oaks WS11408909
    Timber Oaks WS11408910
    Timber Oaks WS11408911
    Timber Oaks WS11408912
    Timber Oaks WS14511603
    Timber Oaks WS14511606
    Timber Oaks WS14511607
    Timber Oaks WS14511608
    Timber Oaks WS17932103
    Timber Oaks WS17932104
    Timber Oaks WS17932105
    Timber Oaks WS17932106
    Timber Oaks WS17932107
    Timber Oaks WS17932108
    Timber Oaks WS17932109
    Timber Oaks WS20624212
    Timber Oaks WS20624217
    Timber Oaks WS20624218
    Timber Oaks WS20624219
    Timber Oaks WS20624220
    Timber Oaks WS20624222
    Timber Oaks WS23601703
    Timber Oaks WS23601705
    Timber Oaks WS23601706
    Timber Oaks WS23601707
    Timber Oaks WS23601709
    Timber Oaks WS23601710
    Timber Oaks XXVI
    Timberoaks Moondance To Aguaviva

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