American & Canadian CH
Driftwood's Split Second
reg nr.: AKC WR041674/01
DOB: July 29, 2000
Black - curly
health stats:
Hips: OFA Excellent
OptiGen prcd-PRA: A1
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: Normal
JDCM-cardio: 1-1 (probable normal)
EYES: PW-4179 4/17/2009
Frozen semen available:
Morgin Powell & Scott Quirin - USA

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 Weathervane's Neocles Charo
 Old River A Lil Minnow Farmion Talurdo
 Norvic's Black Silk N Ruffles

A true gentlman and a lovely companion! His movement is exceptional, with bone and head to match
He has reproduced himself in several litters - He is a once in a lifetime dog!


Lorna Coloccia
2203 Ruritan Lake Road
24590 Scottsville, Virginia - USA

phone: 434-760-4793
website: Cold Harbor Kennel

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    Aviators Kings Ransom
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    Brigand's Seventh Seal
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    Cold Harbor's Can't Touch This
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    Cold Harbor's Carlos De La Questa
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    Cold Harbor's Deacon
    Cold Harbor's Deep Secret
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    Cold Harbor's Einstein
    Cold Harbor's First Edition
    Cold Harbor's First Voyage
    Cold Harbor's Fly Me To The Moon
    Cold Harbor's Fly This
    Cold Harbor's Full Tilt
    Cold Harbor's Gracie
    Cold Harbor's Hot Secret
    Cold Harbor's Jefferson
    Cold Harbor's Las Vegas Mermaid
    Cold Harbor's Lega'Sea Of A Redneck Woman
    Cold Harbor's Lyra's Destiny
    Cold Harbor's Magadalena
    Cold Harbor's Magnificent Teddy Bear
    Cold Harbor's Merry Alice Louise
    Cold Harbor's Milo
    Cold Harbor's Mozart
    Cold Harbor's Murphy's Law
    Cold Harbor's Neducsin
    Cold Harbor's Ollie
    Cold Harbor's Otis
    Cold Harbor's Over The Moon
    Cold Harbor's Raven Of Kerr Lake
    Cold Harbor's Rock'N The Boat In Baypoint
    Cold Harbor's Sea-Sea
    Cold Harbor's Secret Agent Man
    Cold Harbor's Secret In Alexandria
    Cold Harbor's Secret To Success
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    Cold Harbor's Silly Secret
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    Cold Harbor's Sophie
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    Cold Harbors First Love
    Cold Harbors First Mate
    Cold Harbors First On Board
    Cold Harbors Great Hope
    Cold Harbors Streak Of Scarlett
    Coloccia's New Adventure
    Crossroad Bay Breeze
    Crossroad Prince Winston
    Crossroad WS18614904
    Crossroad WS18614908
    Crossroads As Black As Night
    Crossroads As Bold As Brass
    Crossroads As Cool As A Cucumber
    Crossroads As Good As Gold
    Crossroads As Pretty As A Picture
    Crossroads As Smooth As Silk
    Crossroads As Sweet As Honey
    Crossroads Bodhi Of Assateague
    Crossroads Coby
    Crossroads Haleys Comet
    Crossroads Macy
    Crossroads Quick As A Wink
    Crossroads Smart As A Whip
    Crossroads Sydneys Peace And Love
    Cypress Bay's Agostinho
    Cypress Bay's Barry Allen
    Cypress Bay's Magellan
    Cypress Bay's Oreo Blue Brown
    Cypress Bay's Split Second Success
    Czar Roux De Louisiane
    Driftwood Broek Life's A Beach
    Driftwood Broek Success-Ful Split
    Driftwood Broek WS26691704
    Driftwood Frisco
    Driftwood N Brieah Lovestory
    Driftwood WS09169401
    Driftwood WS09169405
    Driftwood WS09169407
    Driftwood's 22nd Anniversary
    Driftwood's Beach Bum
    Driftwood's Beachcomber
    Driftwood's Fantasea Beach Girl
    Driftwood's Halle In Boomerang
    Driftwood's Life's A Beach
    Driftwood's Master And Commander
    Driftwood's Nauti For A Split Second
    Driftwood's Nellie
    Driftwood's Rascal On Hollywood Beach
    Driftwood's Rocky The Champp
    Driftwood's Split Hull
    Driftwood's Suited To Split The Waves
    Driftwood's Texas Beachnut
    Duke III
    Infiniti's Fish N Chips From Lake Effect
    Infiniti's High Hopes
    Infiniti's Maximilian
    Infiniti's Northern Downpour
    Infiniti's Sadie
    Infiniti's Splash
    Infiniti's Stellakat
    Inquisitive Eye Of The Storm
    Nautique's Seaside Kestrel
    Pryvate Ralf George
    Seasides Ave Mitzvah Maria
    Seasides Duke Of Earl
    Seasides Gemma Bay Beauty
    Seasides Harpo Marx
    Seasides Moby Dick
    Seasides Sailor's Skipper
    Seasides Sergio Garcia
    Seasides Sophie's Choice
    Seasides Walter ¨B¨ Matthau
    Toraq WS08784303
    Toraq WS08784305
    Toraq's Artful Dodger
    Toraq's Hakuna Matata
    Toraq's Wild Morning Report
    Tyson Hollins
    Wrigley Beauregard Silverman
    Zohar's Bright Blue Ribbon Boy
    Zohar's Bright Brazen and Bold
    Zohar's Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed
    Zohar's Bright Rain Of Fire
    Zohar's Bright WS30264301
    Zohar's Bright WS30264303
    Zohar's Bright WS30264305
    Zohar's Bright WS30264307
    Zohar's Bright WS30264309
    Zohar's Brightest He Emperor

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