Swedish, Norwegian & International CH JEW'98
Isostar's Chanty O'Coffee Cascade
reg nr.: N06133/97
DOB: January 30, 1997
Brown - wavy
health stats:
Hips: Cleared (before Sweden used FCI scale= A or B)
OptiGen prcd-PRA: not tested
OptiGen EOPRA:
GM-1: not tested
JDCM-cardio: not tested
EYES: cleared 2004
Frozen semen available:
Laila Erlandsen - Norway

 Nico D'Obra Do Vale Negro Al-Taje Do Vale Negro Pinehaven's On The Town Anacoves La Primera Samba
 White Cap Graca Bravata
 Lontra Do Vale Negro António de Breckstown
 Eulalia Do Monte Do Catula Sassa Rolfe (AD)
 Bianca (AD)
 Jura De Monfalim Ulisses Do Vale Negro
 Lara De Monfalim
 Biley's Zesty Zombie Alstrum's Noivo E Baco Icko Leme D'Albergaria Ilheu D'Albergaria
 Julieta De Azambuja
 Glenwhin Burletta Caramba Do Condinho (At Glenwhin)
 Balalaika De Alvalade At Glenwhin
 Biley's Underbara Yrla Cartmel Sea-Storm Devil De Alvalade At Appleacre
 Cartmel Sea Urchin
 Timoneiro's Atalaia Leme D'Albergaria
 Candy Kin Sintra

Chanty is a powerful dog with a wonderful personality. He is a waterdog of origional type and temperament.
He has produced beautiful children and grandchildren.


Hanna Björk
Stora Kyrkebys Hejnum
Tingstäde - Sweden

phone: +4649832035
mail: kennelseakings@hotmail.com
website: kennel Sea King's

    Rödtop Patsy Bar Cloé Pilutta
    Rödtop Porto Barca
    Rödtop Porto Esperanza
    Rödtop Porto Grande
    Rödtop Porto Jose
    Rödtop Porto Lucena
    Rödtop Porto Murtina
    Rödtop Porto Santana
    Rödtop Porto Terra
    Rödtop Porto Vecchia
    Rödtop's Patsy Bar Candy Cake
    Rödtop's Patsy Bar Chiqita
    Rödtop's Snack Bar Cao Cacao
    Rödtop's Snack Bar Charlie Brown
    Rödtop's Snack Bar Picador
    Sea King's Gafwa Wid Gaut
    Sea King's Gemma Wid Gaut
    Sea King's Gothlandica Wid Gaut
    Sea King's Gunnfjaun Wid Gaut
    Sea King's Gute Wid Gaut
    Sea King's Gya Wid Gaut
    Sea King's Idun Irisdottir
    Sea King's Imma Irisdottir
    Sea King's Indra Irisdottir
    Sea King's Ingirun Irisdottir
    Sea King's Ingiwara Irisdottir
    Sea King's Ingreid Irisdottir
    Sea King's Ingrileif Irisdottir
    Sea King's Isa Irisdottir
    Sea King's Jarl Jorsalafarare
    Sea King's Jarpe Jorsalafarare
    Sea King's Jerk Jorsalafarare
    Sea King's Jofrid Jorsalafarare
    Sea King's Johild Jorsalafarare
    Sea King's Jostein Jorsalafarare
    Sea King's Jule Jorsalafarare
    Sea King's Järle Jorsalafarare
    Sea King's Jösse Jorsalafarare

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